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Welcome to the home page of the League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners. Within this site are the seeds of change. It is time that the truth behind the Dirty Deeds otherwise known as the Federalized Banking Industry be revealed. The symbol to your left indicated our intent to audit the books of corporate America for the aiding and abetting of embezzlement of your estate via the use of your signature upon contracts which held no mortgages.

Within these pages you will learn exactly what was done to us, to our lands, and to our beloved people across this nation. What you will learn in these pages, is how you were used in the worlds largest tax evasion scheme in the history of mankind. Enabled by Congress, implemented in 1999, glitched in 2015, and now brought to you by the people, for the people. Herein lies the truth..

This site contains disturbing photos, restricted information, and sickening truths - enter of your own free will. No we are not a Government Agency - we just behave like one… not our fault ya gave us a loophole..

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