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The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners

Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's

Notice of Grievance
'Televised Testimony September 15th, 2017
ON LINE JERICHO MARCH for beach of peace and violation of FAITH

There are many challengeable foreclosures in these Dirty Deeds (excel summary report). There are over 500 plus pages of documents to support these initial findings. Attached are the preliminary supporting documentation to the excel summary report.

Daniel A. Ottolia is a Supreme Court Judge in the Historical Riverside County Courtroom. Mr. Ottolia (as there is nothing honorable about him) filed a California Form 700 which lists his Wife Liz Ottolia, a licensed Real Estate Sales Person , company First Team Real Estate 200 SOUTH MAIN STREET STE 100 CORONA, California Zip:92882 as income under this form.

The First Team Real Estate office at this address has several office identification numbers. Their
Corporate office appears to be in Irvine and they have 1573 agents and 4 designated officers. They have 29 DBA’s and 36 franchise offices located in various cities: Anaheim, Arroyo Grande, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Big Bear, Cathedral City, Corona, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Long Beach, Palm Desert, Oceanside, Marina Del Ray, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach,Pasadena, Palm Springs, San Clemente, San Diego, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Temecula, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Valencia, and Westlake. If you were foreclosed after a battle with the courts, click here to see if your property was listed with this company.

The First Team office located at 200 S. Main Street STE 100, Corona CA 92882 has the following office codes where they upload this information into the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). They one with links are the office codes used to upload these REO bank real estate owned properties.

IWGP (all 1) PB489 (all 6) KFTM02 (still sorting through 371) so far, I have not found one that did not come from these courts… Additional offices are being added and soon will have an excel list of ALL these companies REO - Click here to access ( CLW-SCM2281 & CLW-32006549 are not pulling on my system)

Because the Volume of these REO listings that are coming directly from the courts are so huge, I have had to separate them into different categories. Bank Defendants - Divorce - Child custody. While the last two might seem irrelevant they do establish that these banks are contracted to do business with the Judges wife Real Estate Company.

WHAT THIS MEANS is that ANY case naming a Bank Defendant will be in jeopardy of CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS of the 5th and 14th amendments. as it would appear these courts have an arrangement with this Real Estate Company through Defendants council Bank clients for each and every Bank client they are contracted with for their REO refferral business.

BANK DEFENDANTS -excel report coming soon. (This will include the judges involved as there is at least one with investment interest in a local lending firm)

The referral banks seem to mostly be connected with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Countrywide, HSBC, Deutsch Bank - (past defendants on Faith’s case.) - already turned into the various government entities…

Additional banks to follow - Provident Savings Bank, Bank of NY

Working Excel Document of these Dirty Deeds

Notice of Grievance
'Televised Testimony September 15th, 2017
ON LINE JERICHO MARCH for beach of peace and violation of FAITH
These are the Supreme court rules that were violated.
Exhibit 1 -Jesinoski Opinion

The True Party NEVER appeared before the courts at ANY time


The TDUS failed to perfect title under 2924 (h)(c)

Exhibit 3- Yvanova-Opinion

There is not one Government agency, Servicer or Trustee who has not acknowledged the 2009 BK discharged TILA Rescinded UN-Secured NON-Securitized VOID PER OPERATION OF LAW Promissory Note.

Exhibit-D-2009 TILA recission w:forensic audits


You CANNOT issue a 1099-A as the original Lender when the contract has beed acknowledge as nullified since 2009. EPSON005

THIS IS WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW… IT WAS WRITTEN IN BOTH LEGAL AND LAYMAN EASE. I know it is a lot to take in, but everything in here, can be researched and proven. This is why they tried to beat me into submission, and this is why I launched a peaceful protest on Facebook which ended in those pictures. You need to know the truth..

Federal Tort SLS MLF

So tell me - these courts whom are violating their own Benchmark guides
These are the same arguments our Attorney General Kamila Harris used and were presented and ignored by the state courts. . Please explain why the Attorney General for the State of California can use these arguments, but a layman cannot! EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!


It is the symbol of Faith that I took this stand upon my name. I am just a person, everything I am showing you is 100% searchable, verifiable and much of it is under Lexus Nexus and the law libraries. I am not practicing law, I am sharing the information that is being withheld or obscured from you. I cannot tell you what to write or even how to write it, I can only show you what I am doing and what I have found. I can do this for this simple reason. Senate Bill 1296 (Lockyer). The statute was amended in light of appellate court opinions that had narrowly construed application of the statute to disputes involving matters of “public interest”. In amending the statute, the Legislature clarified its intent that any conduct in furtherance of the rights of petition or free speech is protected under the anti-SLAPP law.

The badge that is worn by police officials is a symbol of Faith to which they swear oaths to uphold. Lawyers too must swear oaths to office "Civility Oaths" to maintain dignity and honor.

Everyone will have their own information, experience and knowledge to share. One thing I have learned is that you cannot violate a persons religious beliefs in a court of law. You can pretty much have many things violated and ignored by the courts, but it is a major violation to degrade a persons faith.

Faith is the one symbol that transcends all religions across the board, even no religions, because at the end of the day, one still needs to have faith in oneself. To breach a symbol of Faith - breaches the very foundation of this nation.

This is on record. "42 U.S. Code § 3631. The courts have prejudiced not only Defendants disabilities; they have violated her very name. By refusing to issue a ruling under oath to a woman whom had her name legally changed to Faith as a soul choice, The Honorable Irma Pool Ashberry has violated Defendants religious beliefs by the denouncing of her oaths under 28 U.S. Code § 453 – “So help me God.” These courts have made empty the very name under which Defendant name stands."

In turn enabling the Breach of the Peace which left bruises up and down my body as a result. My name is a difficult one to live up to on my own. IF a person can be brothers and sisters through faith, then there is no reason we cannot come together through Faith in knowing we are smarter, stronger and more savvy than they will ever be.

This march is far more that a stand for our believes in our religion, it is a belief in our values. It is a belief in ourselves in knowing we are not alone. We are simply answering the call to stand beside our Nation and guide her back to where she needs to be.

"One Nation under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."

I stand upon my name, because I have standing to do so. Standing through Faith to preserve its symbol is not something anyone will be able to stand in our way for, so it is important that the actions, decisions and requests we implement, are for the overall greater good for the people at large whom are not able, or too terrified to walk themselves. When the see us, they will learn how to walk again. It is my ultimate prayer for world peace in why I have gone public.