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Case "DOCK"et No.
(In unity with The League of Fraudulently ) 1:18-cv-01052-MBH

The 9th District Court of Appeals has ordered the UNITED STATES to answer our complaint. It is your duty to send your POWERS interested Party Forms into the Federal Court of Claims in Washington DC. (You may also wish to refill out your Form 95 as a cover. (Example below)
In RE: Gross Negligence. Whenever you irrevocably transfer into TRUST, you fall into a government form of accounting. The Form to which is used for the Deed of Trust, is issued upon an IRS form. (Bottom right) The Courts operate as agents for the IRS (Rule 81 (f) whom are in defalcations under Rev Tax Code 23301 for violation of tax exempt SPV special Purpose vehicles). The Election of Action DOT on the state IRS FORM then is processed upon a S-3 form for securitzation to which is issued an OMB number. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) serves the President of the United States in overseeing the implementation of his vision across the Executive Branch. Specifically, OMB’s mission is to assist the President in meeting his policy, budget, management and regulatory objectives and to fulfill the agency’s statutory responsibilities. This is turn is presented for the "future value" of the collateral (you) in exchange for Certificates as divestiture. The TUMERS or Trademark Underwritten Mortgage Electronic Registration System bypassed the secondary market and went directly into the collatorilization process. Meaning they used your signature to lend you, your own credit and used 1/3 of what they borrowed from you to pay off the purchase contract. So there never was a mortgage. Further under the "presumption of a mortgage" (which was really an elaborate commercial purchase and sale lease back) the Government OMB allowed for wash our provisions to which zero'd out what these "alleged mortgages" were. Under 26 1.1091 wash sale, you cannot foreclose on a zero'd out mortgage. So these industry idiots decided to use the REMIC SPV ((The Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits created under a Master pass through trust to which your NAME your ADDRESS and your LEASE BACK repayment to the investors they exchanged to zero out their "borrowed loans" were placed into seperate a Special (tax exempt) Purpose Vehicles.)) to have the POOLED LOAN (YOUR CREDIT aka you) REMIC to act the holder in due course. This REMIC is set up to take abandoned property to which you abandoned into TRUST upon irrevocable transfer upon that Government election of action. You became Government abandoned property to which they used you swap out your "non performing asset" "Your leaseback" for a performing asset someone else's "leaseback". under the use of your home to which there was ... no mortgage. And because this is a State owned property as per that IRS FORM designation upon that Deed of Trust Government Election of Action, the courts aided and abeted in the swap out of a Government owned property.

Title 12 is codified in the National Currency or National Bank Act of March 3, 1864 Under Title 12, Section 24, Paragraph 7. It tells you quite clearly, that banks can only loan money, not credit otherwise it goes beyond the powers of National Banking Association.

You are an interested party as you held the right of use of the property Uniform Commercial Code › U.C.C. - ARTICLE 2A - LEASES (2002) › PART 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS. › § 2A-103. DEFINITIONS AND INDEX OF DEFINITIONS. A-103. DEFINITIONS AND INDEX OF DEFINITIONS.

(1) In this Article unless the context otherwise requires:
(a) "Buyer in ordinary course of business" means a person who in good faith and without knowledge that the sale to him [or her] is in violation of the ownership rights or security interest or leasehold interest of a third party in the goods, buys in ordinary course from a person in the business of selling goods of that kind but does not include a pawnbroker. "Buying" may be for cash or by exchange of other property or on secured or unsecured credit and includes receiving goods or documents of title under a pre-existing contract for sale but does not include a transfer in bulk or as security for or in total or partial satisfaction of a money debt. (b) "Cancellation" occurs when either party puts an end to the lease contract for default by the other party.

The debt owed was from your undisclosed partner who used YOU (as a WE THE PEOPLE MEMBER BANK AGAINST THE PUBLIC TRUST) using you (a living breathing person held to the TRUST) as collateral for a debt to which they borrowed against YOU. Because you did not offset the debt, the Government settled on YOUR behalf through debt relief to which created more debts, ((because you abandoned you TRUST in the Government (frikken literal understatement of value)).

You as the beneficiary of the "Governments TRUST" never received practicable notice to which somehow the Government was used to enact what equates to non-judicial methods under the ruse of judicial and non judicial foreclosures, using IRS FORMS, this now becomes inverse condemnations (for the government use in 1031 exchange for non-performing to performing assets), Meaning that you as an agent of the government (as you were bestowed this responsibility as a WE THE PEOPLE MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC'S TRUST LENDING "CREDIT" SCHEME 1933 bk HJR, you need to notify the courts and the government that you are alive after being presumed dead.

U.S. Code Title 18. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Part I. CRIMES Chapter 46. FORFEITURE Section 983. General rules for civil forfeiture proceedings

(a) Notice; Claim; Complaint.—
(F) If the Government does not send notice of a seizure of property in accordance with subparagraph (A) to the person from whom the property was seized, and no extension of time is granted, the Government shall return the property to that person without prejudice to the right of the Government to commence a forfeiture proceeding at a later time. The Government shall not be required to return contraband or other property that the person from whom the property was seized may not legally possess.

Means also that those 1099 A and 1099 C are what is due to you, and because you fell into legal abuse syndrome (Now under Title 42 12201 and 12202 - states are not immune under the 11th Amendment) you are owed Treble damage and your dispossessed home back. Regardless, if you were victimized in this pre meditated "mortgage" crisis, (cause they siezed you ab intio and irrevocably transferred you into a partnership TRUST with the intent to defraud and steal your home) you are an interested party and you are missing in these exhibits, so get in there...

Fill out what you feel will make you whole. All you need put is Fraud in inception Tax Evasion Those 1099's are owed to you and because legal abuse syndrome was expanded under the ADA you are now owed trebel damages PLUS your home back or its equivalent clear of title.

Below are examples only find these forms yourself and fill them out and get them in. You may also want to fill out the IRS form for ID theft and report this theft to the Federal Trade Commission because it is against the law to use someone else's social security number to which is upon those 1099's.


On Wednesday June 20th, 2018 History was made by Mrs. Powers in one of the most profound submission made upon her case. What this effectively does for people around this nation, is expose the core root that attaches each and every MERS in Uniform with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac illegal foreclose across the board and enjoins them into this case by default. How? by exposing the MERS copyright trademark as the undisclosed BORROWER upon these contracts whom has been taking money from the PUBLIC TRUST FUND in order to pretend to lend you money. (We attached the MERS NATIONSBANK SECURITY AGREEMENT so you can see what is going on.

They called a S.W.A.T team out to evict this 58 year old woman and her teenage son, WITH GUNS DRAWN AGAINST THE HOME AND THE OCCUPANTS THEREIN. The party from is an interested party from, it is a civil joinder of criminal actions to which is being presented asserting congressional intent.

This case has the attention of the league because of the power packed behind it. So lets show her how much we appreciate everything she has done for us all.
POWER JOINDER) Click here for more information on her case

How can you show your support. by notifying the courts that you are an interested party. Then fill this out and send it in!

CV-30 Interested Party Joiner

Just like in every case you still have to send a Proof of Service to all of the Parties in Play (the Plaintiff and the Defendants)

Attorneys representing the Defendants_w_emails


Here is the MERS NATIONSBANK agreement showing MERS as the BORROWER not you!


This is also good to keep for your records

Scan_BNY Mellon Certs

While the league has been actively working in the background with cases up and down the coast of California we have been exposing corrupt judges and officials for receiving graft benefits to rule against you. There are several coming forward in their own notifications as well. In fact we have documentation on the head justice at Riverside county holding a vested interest in a real estate company with branch offices up and down the southern California coast, and others in the Northern part of California recording documents like this one…. Yes title companies are now recording as the Sellers of wrongful foreclosed properties as Wtf Inc. BTW that investment trust, was terminated on the SEC in 2006. In fact each and every pass-through of MERS followed the same pattern. They season the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit or REMIC for a year before swapping it our unto another investment conduit through what is called derivative trading of Government Copyright intellectual property. They created this system against your social security number as a means to borrow against what was placed aside for YOUR retirement, and they have been trading your social security on the black market by converting them into certificates to which were attached to the manipulated LIBOR index in order to control the payouts to the investors while skimming off the top. Once that year was seasons, they would emulate and encourage consumer defaults by instructing their servicer's to say things like "we cannot help you unless you are in default.". The really sick part to all of this….. is that they consider you as a living breathing person, as nothing more than Government intellectual property, and because congress signed off on very specific bills to enable this… they have been blackmailing and extorting money from our Government for years. Why else do you think we have a
national debt of over $21 Trillion to which increases and average of $100k a minute.


Here is what you can do…

Every voice is needed right now more than ever… all it costs is your time to to organize and outline, if you do not know exactly what to say, you are welcome to use some of our leagues verbiage below, because what we are effectively doing in this protest is demanding a copy of what was really traded. We already know what you think you borrowed, was traded for trillions of dollars that have been filtered off shore naming you as the unaware investor under with the IRS. Oh and by the way, the reason we cite Federal Civil Rules, Rule 81(f) (omitted from public view) on the bid protest form, is because that is the citation that reveals the courts, their reps, their employees etc etc as officers of the Internal Revenue Service. Yup, the courts themselves are aiding and abetting in grand larceny and the sad thing is, is most of the younger judges under the orders from the ones running these side RICO tax evasion scams on behalf of MERS, have no idea this is what they are engaged in.

1. Fill out your name on the pre-form, have your affidavit of crimes against you/declaration notarized and attached to the form 
2. Fill out an Envelope for Return of copies stamped
3. Send the original and two copies, original for filing and 2 copies for return
4. Make sure you have it returned with signature required for you
5. Overnight the package to the court clerk for filing


ATTN: Court Clerk for filing

411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701

Let this publication serve as notice from Dis-League's intent to sue the Corporate United States of America-


The PEOPLE move for a Grantor Recovery Rehabilitation and Restitution ACT - made BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE in support of our beloved NATION.

For those whom read this and still do not understand, it means you as a living breathing human being are being traded upon the Securities and Exchange Commission as a living breathing Government copyright commercial chattel. By addressing the actual UCC codes and underlaying reason to which this system was implemented, it forces the judge to act on your behalf, and not the federalized banking industry at large behalf. Because if they do not, they are held as accessories to the same crimes being committed by the the purp-e-traitors of these dirty deeds "for"-"closure"!

Want to know what we are doing about it? Read on…



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