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The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners

Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's

Leauge symbol overhaul Who are We?

We are proud members of "Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.28.07 PM" who have been beaten, threatened, held at gun point, on the front lines as advocates against crimes against humanity.

Most of whom have been retaliated against, and many of which have been thrown out of their home through misuse of sherifs force, audited without cause and some even arrested not for anything we have done, but for what we know.

The people behind this site, are ALL whistleblowers, we have Ex CIA, EX FBI, EX IRS, EX Attorneys, Investigative Journalists, EX DOJ, and volunteer Federal Witness' of mortgage crimes. We are the EX-Men and EX-woman many have tried to bury.

It is sad to say that not all of us survived in bringing this information to you, and to those brave men and women, whom were murdered, died, or fell ill in this fight to shed a light on these defalcations of injustice are warmly remembered. We thank you for your service.

DisLeague are the ones who hold a vested interest in the outcome of MANKIND, and WE are the ones who intend to bring forth a GRRR Act to unwind the corruption lead by a system designed to smite us as system blights via the substitutions of Human Beings into Cost of Funds Index's and the substitution of housing into the Federal US Housing Bond Market.

Translated into layman terms - If you lost your home to the banks via contracting with the banking industries mortgage pass through system, known to us as the Member Enterprise Racketeering Scheme AKA- TUMERS
T = Trademark
U = Underwriting
M = Mortgage
E = Electronic
R = Registration
S = System

E (energy) swapped out for O(organic) in other words E&O Insurance. (or tumors)

If you were a part of a National Mortgage Settlement scheme in uniform with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae under MERS and have a Fannie Mae 911 subsidy proclaiming to be the original lender of a mortgage never lent.

If you wondered why the federalized banking industry was allowed to "Duel Track".

We are the ones who know what they did, how they did it, and why they are still doing it.

We ARE the LEAUGE THAT INTENDS to make those responsible pay for their dirty deeds. WE as a Nation can NEVER be made whole by what is forever forged in our minds as the #GreatMortgageCrisis still very much alive and active.

We do not Practice Law. @DisLeague is a Discovery Enforcement League... Apart, they are picking us off one by one. Together we WILL make the Nation Great Again, no matter who thinks they are in charge!

Why us…. Because Dis-League's got BACK!

Go forth and Share the Love!

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption | The White House

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