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The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners

Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's

These POA's are all issued to third party incidentals to whom are not a party to the transaction. They believe you gave up your birth right in that they could use your signature under Powers of Attorneys to which hold no legal or binding authority. They have brainwashed this society into believing they are debtors when in fact these funds were intended for our use, not theirs. The banks have been using your signature to borrow credit against your name and emulating consumer defaults for years.

These are the POA's we have identified as fraud. They system they created holds them harmless in civil matters, but it does not begin to touch the criminal issues at hand. There are no statue of limitations of forgeries, defalcations, usurpations or tax evasion. Your "MASTER's" file is the file they hide from you and trade against you. These intellectual Human BOND-age trades WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. It is time to restore honor, integrity and unity back into these lands.

They all follow similar patterns

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(Don't worry, many more will follow…)