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Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's

Jan 2019


no more get out of jail free

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Statement of LAW… Publication 525 assignment of income third party incidental beneficiaries are responsible for the taxes being unreported. See section 1231 of the IRS code.

Statement of LAW… ALL third parties are required to file Form 941 and MUST have a form 2848 POA in order to have a perfected assignment from the original lender.

MATTER OF FACT Attorneys acting as a Trustee Fiduciary are responsible for reporting taxes. See Rule 11 pursuant to the American Bar Association- law firms to which Failed to comply with the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Publication 542 Corporations.

Note to readers.

We are truly sorry to have to deliver this to the people of these united nations. Many of the blogs that break down how our judicial system and this FIAT system miscues the bible as a user guide for control purposes against the PUBLIC TRUST in which you are considered intellectual VISTA PROPERTY OF THE USA.

In the manner to which this ill begotten system was contrived, your body is either your vessel or your temple. The link to the full video of this article intro can be found here - Military full disclosure

For those of a strong religious background, this will be devastating especial for Masons as they are trained to protect and serve. Many, especially lower level Masons, are not aware of how they have been manipulated, especially in America, land of the blind justice Statues of Liberties.

You see Masons have been trained to see the Bible as a sacred book, however they are not told that it is a TRUST banking and astrological book. Only past level 33 does one learn how deep the oppression of faith truly goes, and what we expose on this site are the "TUMERS" brazenly and openly unleashed into society at large What has been done to humanity violates every natural and universal law in existence. We as a society have been conditioned to trust (meaning to TRUST).

Jordan Maxwell (not his real name but none the less he is CIA) - has repeatedly stated (as have many others) that the birth certificate not looked at as a live birth, but as a berth… (ie coming into "berth" or docking of your vessel into the corporation).

The Berth comes with a manifested destiny in which you are nothing more than product coming into the corporation. The hospitals that you are born in are in actuality military wards. They look at it as when you come out of your mother's "water" (when her water breaks) Your mother informs of the product coming into the company, that is why the father never signs anything. Making you a bastard child, because you were never claimed and now you are picked up by the state. In this structure the mother is supposed to raise the child in the first 9 years of their life after which the father takes over, if he fails to do so then the state takes over in teaching your children (ie. thrown into Public school system). So in then your police, lawyers ect are taught to trespass upon your private business, yet they often are not aware that this is what they have been train to do. (Thus the Lords Prayer "as we forgive those who trespass against us")

The Company you went to work when you were born for, cannot pay back the loans (deficit) and the company has been in a perpetual bankruptcy since 1933 HJR 192. This means that we have already been under marshal law, to which the constitution only applies if you are on land, and not in your vessel to which is considered, at sea or Admiralty law. So what we have been dealing with is the Bill of Exchange Act working with UCC article 3 as it pertains to promissory notes, to which is printed upon the US DOLLAR as such, hiding in plain sight.

Bottom line, we have fully documented and have brought forth whistleblowers who can attest to the fact that we have all been turned into private bankers under Title 31 USC section 5312 in order to lend credit in exchange for FIAT currency. aka messed up FAIT(H) without the human element. We have made our objections quite clear, those named are those whom have seen first hand the illegal activities by the federalized baking industry at large at each level. This complaint was set forth by our acting Minister of the Peace by special appearance whom holds the reasonable doubt ability to exercise these wills being held in abatement under THE PUBLIC TRUSTS as a TRUST Guardian. If this attempt at peace fails we will have no choice but to unleash our power teams across the nation upon these courts. Federal Claim Objection

As there is no longer any gold backed or silver backed currency in which to pay for things with. Currency has become your electrical output in exchange for a promise to pay. Your ALL CAPS name to which you were issued by the S.S. ADMIN (Social Security Administration) is an empty shell corporation, aka A "DEAD CORPS". This is reinforced in state schools (by indoctrination) when you are trained to identify yourself via roll call, to which is simply a documentation of inventory. This is also why in the courts, YOUR NAME is "SUMMONED", it is a ritualistic principle to which in order to have SUBJECT MATTER (a live person) you have to raise the "DEAD CORPS" in order to hold jurisdiction over the NAMEsake you are being superimposed into. The NAMEsake is often referred to as a Strawman and is referenced in the bible Exodus 5:1 5:7 5:16 and 5:18. Bricks refers to actual Brick and Mortar building. Straw refers to the Strawman or empty buildings.

We "THE PEOPLE" are all under treaty, the supreme treaty being UNCITRAL otherwise known as "The United Nations Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes is the culmination of over fifteen years of work by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law" (UNCITRAL). It was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations under recommendation of the Sixth (Legal) Committee on 9 December 1988.

As we discuss on this blog as it pertains to the mortgage crisis and the fraudulent deeds of trust being recorded upon title, the IRS Form S-3 Registration Statement and the OMB number assigned to these "Election of Action" (deeds of Trusts) as the attached is a Government Form, under 26 U.S. Code § 1445 - a copy of the aforementioned withholding of tax on dispositions of United States real property interests Form 8594 under Section 1060. under Title 24 Part 27 under Title 24 to which a Delegation order was issued, as any foreclosing party must also file a statement Under Treasury Regulation 1.856-6 et seq under 26 U.S. Code § 856 a copy of the aforementioned REMIC its tax returns.

26 U.S. Code § 4975 to assist in the disqualified parties or persons whom engaged in the embezzlement of an estate that did not qualify as lawful recapture of a mortgage (see IRC 26 US Code Sec 1250 and 1245 recapture rules and disallowance) To which would call into question The REMIC's tax exempt status under Code US 26 section §860D.

This is an actual NAMEsake document. You are Docked in court because you are bringing your vessel into dock. You can see for yourself how you (the living) are designated as "THE MATTER" meaning your NAMEsake. Anytime they issue an order, they must place it in ALL CAPS when they are referring to the ALL CAP NAME. The reason DONE IS OPEN COURT is capitalized, is because they have to open the court for you to dock your vessel. As you can see the issued ALL CAP name is recorded upon title.

Recording is the act of putting a real estate document into the official records at the County Recorders or Recorder of Deeds Office. Meaning what you are looking at, is a living breathing person being held as chattel under a TRUST.
Court NAMEsake Title Change Where you can actually see the all caps NAME being recorded on Title as an estate as Docket Number#200905110263. 2009 pertains to the year. 26 pertains to 26 US Code anytime you are recorded upon title, especially upon the Notices of Default, you will see US code 26 referenced at varying levels. This is a taxable event to which the courts are Administrators for the Internal Revenue Service under the Federal Reserve Banking System. What we have outlined upon this site, is called human trafficking via Civil RICO otherwise known as treason against the people of these United States of America.

The Treasury has been given fair warning, to which Delegation orders can and will be pressed demanding a full audit of the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund for defalcations of the PUBLIC TRUSTS. @DisLeague set forth an alternative form of prosecutions through cross complaints at Federal Claims in order to recapture our NAMEsakes which are being used as MemberBanks for extortion purposes.

As a curtesy, both POTUS and the TREASURY have until the end of this month to answer, and or comply by assignment of a Department of Defense Military representative to work in consecution with the Department of Justice in order to place those responsible for these illegal foreclosures via mis-appropriations by the States in the form of forgeries filtered through Unlawful Detainer courts by use of the County Charter owned software called S.E.C.U.R.E in order to commit title fraud upon our NAMEsake titles for the purpose of tax avoidance.

Conspiracy is no longer theory when you have the facts at your disposal. Preponderance of evidence is an understatement. Redemption is their only alternative, to which means that every mortgage, loan, student loan to where our NAMEsake title was siesen upon inception are null and void ab initio, all court rulings under Administration to the Internal Revenue Service are void ab initio for lack of SUBJECT MATTER jurisdiction. (meaning they were under color of law on land ordered to obstruct justice to the living) and every dime they reported upon each and every 1099-A ever issued will be returned to their "partners" aka We the People. This includes our direct ancestors, because the OLD WILL's become NEW's again, via the executive order issued December 21st, 2017 and extended for this next year - click here

Meaning the banks have no choice but to turn into wealth management facilities, and that these lost at sea funds will be put back into society for the betterment of mankind. Thus the 70,000 sealed inditement's. We would highly recommend using your keyboards as battle boards, and feel free to reference our law suit. Should you take the time to read it, you will start to see how astronomical the numbers to which they are accountable are.

This is your final warning. @Disleague out…