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Jul 2018

How did you celebrate your 4th of July?

How did you celebrate your 4th of Juy?

411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701

Judge "Sledgehammer" Carter
Room 9D
8:30 am

July 30, 2018
Powers v The Bank Of New York Mellon et al

A Case unlike any other was filed on June 20,2018 by the Powers "Sledgehammer" Team. 
This is a CIVIL JOINDER OF CRIMINAL ACTIONS that has the potential to shut down debt collectors and Financial Crimes Against Humanity all together. The judge has PROMISED indictments as fraud is proven, this case seems to prove all without doubt.

Have you lost your home to Financial crimes?
Ever take out what you THOUGHT was a loan?
Ever been foreclosed on? Homeless? Evicted? Car Repossessed? Jailed for non payment of tickets? Child Support? Utilities shut off? 
This case is of interest to everyone, even the judge, sheriff, police, public servants et al. 
Ever think about the "financial reset" or "jubilee"?
Want to wake up free of Peonage and Debt Slavery?

People are caravaning from all over the country, some even flying in to be here! EVERYONE is invited as this case affects every single man or woman who ever thought they took out a loan...This case proves 4 things:
1. You are the Bank
2. Everything is Prepaid
3.There is no loan 
4. There is no Cash! "Where is the Collateral Deposit?"


Read Powers v BONYM et al Civil Criminal Joinder Action here:

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Carl Collicott Request for copy of Collateral Deposit Account drafted by Carl Colllicott, no right reserved

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The best part, is that the first one registered had the Dirty Judge in Riverside running REO graft bribes through his ownership interest in First Team Real Estate with franchises up and down So Cal. Dis Yit is about to explode!!!! Get yours in NOW!


Ronald W Reagan Federal Courthouse