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Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's


US has been ordered to Answer

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Case "DOCK"et No.
(In unity with The League of Fraudulently ) 1:18-cv-01052-MBH

The 9th District Court of Appeals has ordered the UNITED STATES to answer our complaint. It is your duty to send your POWERS interested Party Forms into the Federal Court of Claims in Washington DC. (You may also wish to refill out your Form 95 as a cover. (Example below)

In RE: Gross Negligence. Whenever you irrevocably transfer into TRUST, you fall into a government form of accounting. The Form to which is used for the Deed of Trust, is issued upon an IRS form. (Bottom right) The Courts operate as agents for the IRS (Rule 81 (f) whom are in defalcations under Rev Tax Code 23301 for violation of tax exempt SPV special Purpose vehicles). The Election of Action DOT on the state IRS FORM then is processed upon a S-3 form for securitzation to which is issued an OMB number. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) serves the President of the United States in overseeing the implementation of his vision across the Executive Branch. Specifically, OMB’s mission is to assist the President in meeting his policy, budget, management and regulatory objectives and to fulfill the agency’s statutory responsibilities. This is turn is presented for the "future value" of the collateral (you) in exchange for Certificates as divestiture. The TUMERS or Trademark Underwritten Mortgage Electronic Registration System bypassed the secondary market and went directly into the collatorilization process. Meaning they used your signature to lend you, your own credit and used 1/3 of what they borrowed from you to pay off the purchase contract. So there never was a mortgage. Further under the "presumption of a mortgage" (which was really an elaborate commercial purchase and sale lease back) the Government OMB allowed for wash our provisions to which zero'd out what these "alleged mortgages" were. Under 26 1.1091 wash sale, you cannot foreclose on a zero'd out mortgage. So these industry idiots decided to use the REMIC SPV ((The Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits created under a Master pass through trust to which your NAME your ADDRESS and your LEASE BACK repayment to the investors they exchanged to zero out their "borrowed loans" were placed into seperate a Special (tax exempt) Purpose Vehicles.)) to have the POOLED LOAN (YOUR CREDIT aka you) REMIC to act the holder in due course. This REMIC is set up to take abandoned property to which you abandoned into TRUST upon irrevocable transfer upon that Government election of action. You became Government abandoned property to which they used you swap out your "non performing asset" "Your leaseback" for a performing asset someone else's "leaseback". under the use of your home to which there was ... no mortgage. And because this is a State owned property as per that IRS FORM designation upon that Deed of Trust Government Election of Action, the courts aided and abeted in the swap out of a Government owned property.

Title 12 is codified in the National Currency or National Bank Act of March 3, 1864 Under Title 12, Section 24, Paragraph 7. It tells you quite clearly, that banks can only loan money, not credit otherwise it goes beyond the powers of National Banking Association.

You are an interested party as you held the right of use of the property Uniform Commercial Code › U.C.C. - ARTICLE 2A - LEASES (2002) › PART 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS. › § 2A-103. DEFINITIONS AND INDEX OF DEFINITIONS. A-103. DEFINITIONS AND INDEX OF DEFINITIONS.
(1) In this Article unless the context otherwise requires:
(a) "Buyer in ordinary course of business" means a person who in good faith and without knowledge that the sale to him [or her] is in violation of the ownership rights or security interest or leasehold interest of a third party in the goods, buys in ordinary course from a person in the business of selling goods of that kind but does not include a pawnbroker. "Buying" may be for cash or by exchange of other property or on secured or unsecured credit and includes receiving goods or documents of title under a pre-existing contract for sale but does not include a transfer in bulk or as security for or in total or partial satisfaction of a money debt. (b) "Cancellation" occurs when either party puts an end to the lease contract for default by the other party.

The debt owed was from your undisclosed partner who used YOU (as a WE THE PEOPLE MEMBER BANK AGAINST THE PUBLIC TRUST) using you (a living breathing person held to the TRUST) as collateral for a debt to which they borrowed against YOU. Because you did not offset the debt, the Government settled on YOUR behalf through debt relief to which created more debts, ((because you abandoned you TRUST in the Government (frikken literal understatement of value)).

You as the beneficiary of the "Governments TRUST" never received practicable notice to which somehow the Government was used to enact what equates to non-judicial methods under the ruse of judicial and non judicial foreclosures, using IRS FORMS, this now becomes inverse condemnations (for the government use in 1031 exchange for non-performing to performing assets), Meaning that you as an agent of the government (as you were bestowed this responsibility as a WE THE PEOPLE MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC'S TRUST LENDING "CREDIT" SCHEME 1933 bk HJR, you need to notify the courts and the government that you are alive after being presumed dead.

U.S. Code Title 18. CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Part I. CRIMES Chapter 46. FORFEITURE Section 983. General rules for civil forfeiture proceedings

(a) Notice; Claim; Complaint.—
(F) If the Government does not send notice of a seizure of property in accordance with subparagraph (A) to the person from whom the property was seized, and no extension of time is granted, the Government shall return the property to that person without prejudice to the right of the Government to commence a forfeiture proceeding at a later time. The Government shall not be required to return contraband or other property that the person from whom the property was seized may not legally possess.

Means also that those 1099 A and 1099 C are what is due to you, and because you fell into legal abuse syndrome (Now under Title 42 12201 and 12202 - states are not immune under the 11th Amendment) you are owed Treble damage and your dispossessed home back. Regardless, if you were victimized in this pre meditated "mortgage" crisis, (cause they siezed you ab intio and irrevocably transferred you into a partnership TRUST with the intent to defraud and steal your home) you are an interested party and you are missing in these exhibits, so get in there...

Fill out what you feel will make you whole. All you need put is Fraud in inception Tax Evasion Those 1099's are owed to you and because legal abuse syndrome was expanded under the ADA you are now owed trebel damages PLUS your home back or its equivalent clear of title.

Below are examples only find these forms yourself and fill them out and get them in. You may also want to fill out the IRS form for ID theft and report this theft to the Federal Trade Commission because it is against the law to use someone else's social security number to which is upon those 1099's.

Claim for Injury or DeathClaim for Injury or Death pg2Interested Party


no more get out of jail free

Message from Faith- click here

Statement of LAW… Publication 525 assignment of income third party incidental beneficiaries are responsible for the taxes being unreported. See section 1231 of the IRS code.

Statement of LAW… ALL third parties are required to file Form 941 and MUST have a form 2848 POA in order to have a perfected assignment from the original lender.

MATTER OF FACT Attorneys acting as a Trustee Fiduciary are responsible for reporting taxes. See Rule 11 pursuant to the American Bar Association- law firms to which Failed to comply with the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Publication 542 Corporations.

Note to readers.

We are truly sorry to have to deliver this to the people of these united nations. Many of the blogs that break down how our judicial system and this FIAT system miscues the bible as a user guide for control purposes against the PUBLIC TRUST in which you are considered intellectual VISTA PROPERTY OF THE USA.

In the manner to which this ill begotten system was contrived, your body is either your vessel or your temple. The link to the full video of this article intro can be found here - Military full disclosure

For those of a strong religious background, this will be devastating especial for Masons as they are trained to protect and serve. Many, especially lower level Masons, are not aware of how they have been manipulated, especially in America, land of the blind justice Statues of Liberties.

You see Masons have been trained to see the Bible as a sacred book, however they are not told that it is a TRUST banking and astrological book. Only past level 33 does one learn how deep the oppression of faith truly goes, and what we expose on this site are the "TUMERS" brazenly and openly unleashed into society at large What has been done to humanity violates every natural and universal law in existence. We as a society have been conditioned to trust (meaning to TRUST).

Jordan Maxwell (not his real name but none the less he is CIA) - has repeatedly stated (as have many others) that the birth certificate not looked at as a live birth, but as a berth… (ie coming into "berth" or docking of your vessel into the corporation).

The Berth comes with a manifested destiny in which you are nothing more than product coming into the corporation. The hospitals that you are born in are in actuality military wards. They look at it as when you come out of your mother's "water" (when her water breaks) Your mother informs of the product coming into the company, that is why the father never signs anything. Making you a bastard child, because you were never claimed and now you are picked up by the state. In this structure the mother is supposed to raise the child in the first 9 years of their life after which the father takes over, if he fails to do so then the state takes over in teaching your children (ie. thrown into Public school system). So in then your police, lawyers ect are taught to trespass upon your private business, yet they often are not aware that this is what they have been train to do. (Thus the Lords Prayer "as we forgive those who trespass against us")

The Company you went to work when you were born for, cannot pay back the loans (deficit) and the company has been in a perpetual bankruptcy since 1933 HJR 192. This means that we have already been under marshal law, to which the constitution only applies if you are on land, and not in your vessel to which is considered, at sea or Admiralty law. So what we have been dealing with is the Bill of Exchange Act working with UCC article 3 as it pertains to promissory notes, to which is printed upon the US DOLLAR as such, hiding in plain sight.

Bottom line, we have fully documented and have brought forth whistleblowers who can attest to the fact that we have all been turned into private bankers under Title 31 USC section 5312 in order to lend credit in exchange for FIAT currency. aka messed up FAIT(H) without the human element. We have made our objections quite clear, those named are those whom have seen first hand the illegal activities by the federalized baking industry at large at each level. This complaint was set forth by our acting Minister of the Peace by special appearance whom holds the reasonable doubt ability to exercise these wills being held in abatement under THE PUBLIC TRUSTS as a TRUST Guardian. If this attempt at peace fails we will have no choice but to unleash our power teams across the nation upon these courts. Federal Claim Objection

As there is no longer any gold backed or silver backed currency in which to pay for things with. Currency has become your electrical output in exchange for a promise to pay. Your ALL CAPS name to which you were issued by the S.S. ADMIN (Social Security Administration) is an empty shell corporation, aka A "DEAD CORPS". This is reinforced in state schools (by indoctrination) when you are trained to identify yourself via roll call, to which is simply a documentation of inventory. This is also why in the courts, YOUR NAME is "SUMMONED", it is a ritualistic principle to which in order to have SUBJECT MATTER (a live person) you have to raise the "DEAD CORPS" in order to hold jurisdiction over the NAMEsake you are being superimposed into. The NAMEsake is often referred to as a Strawman and is referenced in the bible Exodus 5:1 5:7 5:16 and 5:18. Bricks refers to actual Brick and Mortar building. Straw refers to the Strawman or empty buildings.

We "THE PEOPLE" are all under treaty, the supreme treaty being UNCITRAL otherwise known as "The United Nations Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes is the culmination of over fifteen years of work by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law" (UNCITRAL). It was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations under recommendation of the Sixth (Legal) Committee on 9 December 1988.

As we discuss on this blog as it pertains to the mortgage crisis and the fraudulent deeds of trust being recorded upon title, the IRS Form S-3 Registration Statement and the OMB number assigned to these "Election of Action" (deeds of Trusts) as the attached is a Government Form, under 26 U.S. Code § 1445 - a copy of the aforementioned withholding of tax on dispositions of United States real property interests Form 8594 under Section 1060. under Title 24 Part 27 under Title 24 to which a Delegation order was issued, as any foreclosing party must also file a statement Under Treasury Regulation 1.856-6 et seq under 26 U.S. Code § 856 a copy of the aforementioned REMIC its tax returns.

26 U.S. Code § 4975 to assist in the disqualified parties or persons whom engaged in the embezzlement of an estate that did not qualify as lawful recapture of a mortgage (see IRC 26 US Code Sec 1250 and 1245 recapture rules and disallowance) To which would call into question The REMIC's tax exempt status under Code US 26 section §860D.

This is an actual NAMEsake document. You are Docked in court because you are bringing your vessel into dock. You can see for yourself how you (the living) are designated as "THE MATTER" meaning your NAMEsake. Anytime they issue an order, they must place it in ALL CAPS when they are referring to the ALL CAP NAME. The reason DONE IS OPEN COURT is capitalized, is because they have to open the court for you to dock your vessel. As you can see the issued ALL CAP name is recorded upon title.

Recording is the act of putting a real estate document into the official records at the County Recorders or Recorder of Deeds Office. Meaning what you are looking at, is a living breathing person being held as chattel under a TRUST.
Court NAMEsake Title Change Where you can actually see the all caps NAME being recorded on Title as an estate as Docket Number#200905110263. 2009 pertains to the year. 26 pertains to 26 US Code anytime you are recorded upon title, especially upon the Notices of Default, you will see US code 26 referenced at varying levels. This is a taxable event to which the courts are Administrators for the Internal Revenue Service under the Federal Reserve Banking System. What we have outlined upon this site, is called human trafficking via Civil RICO otherwise known as treason against the people of these United States of America.

The Treasury has been given fair warning, to which Delegation orders can and will be pressed demanding a full audit of the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund for defalcations of the PUBLIC TRUSTS. @DisLeague set forth an alternative form of prosecutions through cross complaints at Federal Claims in order to recapture our NAMEsakes which are being used as MemberBanks for extortion purposes.

As a curtesy, both POTUS and the TREASURY have until the end of this month to answer, and or comply by assignment of a Department of Defense Military representative to work in consecution with the Department of Justice in order to place those responsible for these illegal foreclosures via mis-appropriations by the States in the form of forgeries filtered through Unlawful Detainer courts by use of the County Charter owned software called S.E.C.U.R.E in order to commit title fraud upon our NAMEsake titles for the purpose of tax avoidance.

Conspiracy is no longer theory when you have the facts at your disposal. Preponderance of evidence is an understatement. Redemption is their only alternative, to which means that every mortgage, loan, student loan to where our NAMEsake title was siesen upon inception are null and void ab initio, all court rulings under Administration to the Internal Revenue Service are void ab initio for lack of SUBJECT MATTER jurisdiction. (meaning they were under color of law on land ordered to obstruct justice to the living) and every dime they reported upon each and every 1099-A ever issued will be returned to their "partners" aka We the People. This includes our direct ancestors, because the OLD WILL's become NEW's again, via the executive order issued December 21st, 2017 and extended for this next year - click here

Meaning the banks have no choice but to turn into wealth management facilities, and that these lost at sea funds will be put back into society for the betterment of mankind. Thus the 70,000 sealed inditement's. We would highly recommend using your keyboards as battle boards, and feel free to reference our law suit. Should you take the time to read it, you will start to see how astronomical the numbers to which they are accountable are.

This is your final warning. @Disleague out…



Exactly which Constitution are we under again? They have allowed the centralized banking industry manipulate both the LIBOR and ISDAfix index while dealing OPEC Petro Dollars to fund and force fake wars to cover these events up? I'm sorry, but under the Law of Nations Book 1, 192 and 196 38 Stat 265 (12 USC 411) WE THE PEOPLE demand lawful money for all transactions. At this point this falls under 40 Stat 415 Trading With the Enemy Act,/(12 USC 95a(2)) for acquittance and discharge for recompense to the people of this nation, for these crimes against humanity. See also 32 Stat 1803 Hague Treaty Series 403, Articles 43 and 55 22 Stat 940 Treaty series 377 International Red Cross Convention 1864 Lieber Code general orders 100, Articles 32 and 38.. With everyone thing that has been going on this year, its would appear that it is in fact time for DISCLOSURE in that WE THE PEOPLE can obtain indemnification accept nothing less than Honor since Value in these currencies no longer exists. So @Disleague will be sharing the truth as to why we are in such economic turmoil. We are taking a knee in that you, the people awaken to what has been done to us all..

It does not take much to realize that something big is happening world wide. Watching economic news has certainly been entertaining of late. Stock market failures, the pumping up of a dead economy then burst it by raising rates. Border migrations, sealed inditement's hitting over 60,000 on PACER hinting at Pedophilia carnivore tribunals. Not to mention Rigged elections with arrests in Texas and Florida voter manipulations with more states being turned in. Well, that makes this round null and void.

Then there is mass restructuring of the CFPB, FBI, DOJ and some key judges across the board,hints of an "RV" under a new Quantum Financial System without true recompense to the people whom have been harmed. Almost seems like you want the people of this Nation riot, in that you can enact Marshal Law when we are already under rollover "National State's of Emergencies" (same thing) referenced in presidential Executive orders of years past. Of course all that would need to be done is to set off the National Alert system and there you go… Stock up on supplies kiddos, looks like we are in for a bumpy ride. Whatever you do, DO NOT RIOT, remain calm and keep safe. There are people whom are risking their lives to keep you and your family safe. 1000 inditement's are on par for any given year, 60,000 inditement's holding anywhere from 15-90 names upon each, will have military, and police stress levels going through the roof. DO NOT PROVOKE, DO NOT PLAY HERO, YES SIR, NO SIR. Self Defense ONLY.

So lets enlighten to the people about these Corporate America scams that have been ensuing that brought us here, shall we.. cause they sure as yit do not teach this in the History books..

There are two forms of Constitution called the Constitution of the United States of America the first, completed in 1789 is is trial, international treaty and trust indentures supporting the execution of a commercial services contract. The second document published in 1868 (which is almost verbatim as to create confusion between the two) is used as Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. The Articles of Incorporation are the Scottish Commercial Corporation created the British Territorial United States, doing business as the United States of America, Inc. The created confusion led to the Scottish Corporation accessing our credit and other assets and allowed them to run up debt against our Nations assets. The Scottish Commercial Corporation declared bankruptcy in 1907 and skated off with most of being transferred to Belgian, French and Swiss shell companies just prior to the bankruptcy itself. In this way, it shed the "debts" owed to our Nation and sheltered its ill begotten gains.

This Scottish debt, was ultimately the responsibility of British Monarch and the Government of West Minister both of which have and had exercised and enjoyed treaties of peace and possessions of delegated authority dependent on their trust obligations owed to the United States of America and the States of the Union Federation and the American People since the 1780's.

The schemers and their international collaborators - "the banks" - took title land holders of the American States and People as security for the debts of the bankrupt Scottish Corporation in 1907. What this means is that WE THE PEOPLE, our grandparents and parents worked hard to pay off this bogus debt until 1953 when the bankruptcy of the Scottish usurpers was settled. HOWEVER instead of actually returning the title of our lands to our Nation, the British Territorial United States Congress voted to roll our land titles into Federal State Trusts under their control and operated for their benefit.

Conveniently the ACTUAL unincorporated government, aka The United States of America and the American States and People were told none of this. In 1925 the Roman Catholic Church and the office of the Roman pontiff (pope), got into the act and did their own underhanded act by doing business on our shores. They set up a Delaware corporation doing business as the United States of America Inc. (essentially the same con game the Scottish Corporation played) The only difference is Definite Article.

This religious non-profit ran up bills against our remaining assets. (Remember our land had already been seized upon as security for the debts of the Scottish Corporation - including our work, our labor, our life force, our private business, homes, copyrights, and patens. (essentially everything you might consider to be your own property). They played hard and fast an bankrupted the United States of America Inc. in 1933 and they followed the same play script to leave us to pay their bills.

All of this criminality has been supported by politicians, by the banks and unfortunately by some military commanders working for United States. In 2014, Our Nation actually finished giving due notice and due process, issued our final judgement and civil orders related to these subjects. In 2015 we actually re-issued our Sovereign letters and patens and published them world wide. Same year Obama bankrupted our Municipal United States Corporation and thereby vacated the Municipal United States Government.

In 2017 , the territorial United States Government was also bankrupted and vacated. These organizations have maintained a claim of successorship by a process of assumption of contracts inherited by the Roman Catholic and Scottish Usurpers a process of pirates making claims based on the claims of other pirates going back to 1868. By vacating the last two remaining federal contracts and doing so at the same time we have been able to end any further assumption of contract and to acknowledge and accept back our formally delegated powers.

The United States of America unincorporated now stands as it has since September 9th, 1776 as the federation of Sovereign States representing the American States and people in international jurisdiction and is the ONLY actual government still standing. Any further exercise of our once delegated powers by any commercial corporation on earth without our written and express consent is in face UNLAWFUL, UNACCEPTABLE and DENIED.

Which means that ANY claims of our persons now or have ever been subject to the Queen in any relationships apart from those established by the original Constitution of the United States of America is NULL AND VOID!

This is by operation of law and is the result of the incapacity of the delegates in bankruptcy and also as a result of the corrupt and criminal basis of the formal claims to represent us and to "own" us as property in violation of international law, the Geneva Convention, firkin common decency, and GOOD FAITH!

What this means, is that EVERY, and we mean every land title deal, property theft, illegal foreclosure, essentially every illegal bank debt that ensued under illegal government, are destroyed at their root, made null and void ab initio. Buckle up Buttercups… Its' over, and @disleage is coming for all of you who partook at our expense. You will be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law…

Find out what the MERSCORP centralized banking members used the MERS nominee system for and why there are over 60,000 incitement's fixing to hit the fan… If the Government won't give us declass, then WE DEMAND IT!


AKA TUMERS - click here

911- To Speak or HOLD TRUTH (Q)&(A)non?

Or forever hold your Peace

We are pleased you are here.

What if i told you that everything you have been raised to believe is not real? And that life is but a STATE of being. What we are going to share is a "BELIEF" "SYSTEM" that has been superimposed upon society at large in order to condition a concept of spirituality to wage (with wars) against your SLEFworth? So where did all the Gold stored in the twin towers go? We have detailed interviews with a whistleblower whom carted it out of the building just before it went boom… why the diversion, well, because they knew one day they were going to reset to a global economy. WE are, as part of the Harvest of bad guys they are about to let you know they "took care of" in exchange for paying off the national debt.

What does that mean exactly? Well to truly understand what has been done to the US you have to begin to question what is around you. Once you understand the RULES to which you have been given it is easier to understand. There are some that may say we are part of a computer program to which the MATRIX was based upon. There are some that might say the only true Rules are based in Universal Laws. Still there are others whom use Religion to base their laws in their spiritual well being whom fight against those whom fight with those whom do not belief anything. Of course then there is the GOLDEN rule, treat others as you would treat yourself, (which in some sectors can get a little kinky.)

At this point if you have absorbed the material within this site, you are aware that you were issued an ALL CAP's name on your Social Security is actually the TITLE of a TRUST or NAMEsake. Anyone whom has changed their name or adopted a child or changed their "legal" name will tell you that the "EVENT" was documented on title i.e.. DOC# 06:1234567. Yet no one really asks why this is done or why upon those forms you are notated as "THIS MATTER".

There are two types of law Statutory Law and Natural Law. Statuary deals with COMMERCIAL Natural deals with the flesh and blood. The concepts of TITLE stem from Medieval Latin. Since everything was owned by Monarchs under Royal order of a holy king held in the name of god, or in hebrew YHWH translated as
hakadosh baruch hu or HaShem ("The Name"). But this is not new to our history, this concept of ownership goes all the way back to the first documented script. YHWH is Latin Script for the symbol יהוה.

Now some of you may read the APPEAL (
Federal Claim - Writ of QUI TAM) as if written by someone whom is a spiritual fanatic. Truth being that it is part of the rules of this ILL conceived game. In the UNITED STATES (To which is purposely all caps under the definition of the LENDER upon all these foreclosed properties) they use certain MAXIMS in LAW to administer what is called JURISprudence (JURIS being an accounting system used by BAR attorneys through the courts CRIS system in ORDER to DOCKET to COMMERCIALLY document the CONTRACT you answered as a SUMMONS. if you answer a SUMMONS your are now a subject proclaiming to hold MATTER (your NAMEsake TRUST) to which the NAMEsake TRUST is the commercial SUBJECT "at hand" or Held.

According to The Maxim of Equity, Aequitas agit in personam, in the Latin. In English it is, “Equity acts upon the person.” 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3733. The PERSON must be able to be seen and known in the public for Equity to act and for its Surety to be rendered relief, redress, and/or recourse with a demand for suborgation if one is being accused of being a mere debtor, and not recognized to be the Surety. Equity is always, always, always, focused on property. Equity is never focused on a monetary/money settlement because, all money is debt and, the concept of money as debt is evidence of the carnal mind that is enmity against God.

According to the Internal Revenue Manuel (IRM) at Part “An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner, custodian or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN [Social Security Number].”

As long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father.” Meaning you are asked to answer God's calling, in other words to realize you are an extension of GOD and hold his spark within because he allegedly created you in his image. (AKA The image of love - JUST to be good - JUSTICE for all, or JUST (put on ) ICE until you figure it out. A person needs to be well versed enough in the teaching of GOD to which also contradicts itself by HANDing blind control over in order "TO BE" "SUBJECTs" to the rulers and authorities, (Titus 3:1, AMP) to follow the "Golden Rule". Back to monarch's - They believe they are the only ones allowed to HOLD "TITLE" meaning "IN COMMERCIAL TRUTH", they own "THE NAME" and everything that is yours. Same for Emperors, Pharos, Kings, Queens, and so on….

The belief is such that you are unable and unwilling to better yourself. In other words, enrich your mind in that you can PROFIT from your experiences. Once you can learn to master your mind, so to speak, you become the creator of your own universe. In other words you hold a part of GOD, or JUST inside you to which you need to cultivate and grow until you can be the MASTER of your own DESTINY aka your NAMEsake.

The Social Security Trust, has never been EXPRESSED. In other words, it is absent a Will from the Grantor. Therefore, the Trust has only been implied because of the filing of the SS-5 Form, but no Will was deposited with it. This can also be the case if one has never filed the SS-5 Form, but still made use of the SSN. If one has made a use of the SSN, then they need to express the Trust. It is just that simple.

Since no expression of the Will of the Grantor was filed and/or noticed in connection with that SS-5 Form, the PERSON (ALL CAPS NAME, sometimes referred to a STRAWMAN) is still only with infant status. In other words you are still considered children of GOD. (Notice it is the PERSON with said status and not the Living Soul) From this status it is deemed that administration is still required over the Estate because, there is no record of any Will to define the Will and Intent of the Grantor for and on the public record much less give notice that the Heir and Beneficiary has appeared as Grantee to accept the original Deed for the Estate. This means that the Estate is still recognized to be abandoned. This is why the BANKS see you as CREDIT - in other words you are PUBLIC TRUSTS. The only way they can gain access to YOUR TRUST is to turn your trust into a MEMBER BANK because your NAMEsake is a Member of WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.

The SSA (Social Security Administration) is fully aware of the fact that the Grantor has not yet finished the acceptance of delivery of the original Estate AS Grantee, and as a result of that mistake in addition to this mistake of failure to express a Will for the PERSONA in the public, it is correctly deemed that the Estate and the SSN shall still be, “…held in abeyance,” until these things are done. For when they are complete, they will reveal that the Heir and Beneficiary has returned unto competency, and has accepted all duties, obligations and responsibilities of the Heir and Beneficiary AS Grantee, Surety and Peacemaker, automatically associated with the administration of the Heir’s Estate.

When one’s PERSONA is recognized as a Peacemaker and will be afforded the status of DO NOT DETAIN, RELEASE IMMEDIATELY.

So then, it is indeed the duty of the Heir and Beneficiary to get along with the administrators of the Public Trust, and to work with them to keep the Public Trust free from debt by performing our required duty as Surety for all the debts issued by our Estates, and converted in the public to take care of the need of the beneficiary in the private, and then on the backside, do the required duty necessary to zero the account and balance the books.

You do not do this for someone else Estate, but only for yours, as that IS your duty and responsibility, and each one is with this same duty and responsibility for their Estate as well. This is how we all work together AS One Body to keep the PUBLIC TRUST free from debt, and thereby show in action, “Love one another as I have loved you.” In other words, if we work "COLLECTIVELY" or as A COLLECTIVE we can redeem our NAMEsake in turn giving us SELFworth.

The Federalized BANKING industry has used our NAMEsake to BORROW Credit against our SELFworth in turn making it appear that we have none.

The purpose of the Internal Revenue Service is to extinguish all PUBLIC DEBT. But if the PUBLIC DEBT is measured by the ability of an individual to come to the realization that he must be JUST in order to eliminate PUBLIC DEBT in order that he can have his BIRTH BOND REDEEMED in that his NAME is just the name he was given at birth.

These TRUSTs are Inter alia (meaning Among other things) to avoid Probate. Inter alia also translates to "THE STUDY". Meaning that "THE NAME" or YHWH is nothing more than "THE STUDY OF HUMANITY". It is a copy of a concept that has been used for centuries.

Which begs the question, Whose concept is it?

There are those whom are ANONYMOUS who would say that "the COLLECTIVES" are a group of inter dimensional beings who have been monitoring the SELFworth of our Souls and that the Bible was was a warning outlined
. GALATIANS 6: 7-9 (KJV) using the NAME as the body-VESSEL (to which TITLE NAMES are registered (recorded) on the department of transport) as a soul(spirit) VESSEL being cultivated for an Eternal Life Harvest.

There are MATRIX theories that since we are not really MATTER as our ATOMs (Atom and Eve) are constantly vibrating therefor what appears to be solid is just vibrating the concept of what solid means to our mind. This is a science mix of Chakras within us that act as a frequency tuner that create the illusion of MATTER . This leads to those whom believe that we are part of a giant computer program under a MASTER COMPUTER CREATOR. IF that is the case then we are already a part of the BORG COLLECTIVE. They are just weeding us out.

The concept of a SOUL Vessel to some mean that we were genetically engineered for whatever reason, to HOLD eternal life in a Life support suit. To where their are those whom look at this as an opportunity to tap into the "taste" the soul. The purer the soul the more energy it has. Which can also be applied to how much FIAT money one holds (FIAT- FAIT(H) in GOD WE TRUST) as the promissory note of the UNITES STATES. The more ENERGY = the more MONEY. Or as the BANKS perceives rigged foreclosures for those whom are trying to defend themselves as nothing more than MON(K)EY "SUITS" in TIME's new Roman font.

Granted to remain safe from any of this noise is to stay completely balanced, neutral and respectful to all belief's. For whatever this study was about, it is clear that someone out there was MENTALLY CHALLENGED. Life is in living color not LIVING TRUSTS. Applying these logic wisdom, here is our UNIVERSAL APPEAL in FAIT in accordance to the rules of this GAME CALLED LIFE - DECODE THIS!!!

THE (Direct Underwriting) DU-MB (TM) (MEMBER BANK) MERS (MORT-GAGE)(dyslexic FIAT-"h" UD Unlawful DETAINER "JURIS ") AKA THE (DEAD's-worth) PRO- S-E(x)-CUTOR ELECTRONIC people=CURRENCY EXCHANGED "EX(s)pend-I-2u-re:s" "REGISTRATION"(recording NAME registry) SYSTEM (TM))"qualifying"(QI-iq) human "USER's"MASTER GRANTING CONVERSION under d/b/a SOCIAL/ (people) SECURITY/ (instrument) implied h="human backed" PROMISSARY§NOTE ADMINISTRATION/ (administer of "REMEDIES") PASSED-THROUGH to see if a §GAIN could be REAL-ized. Making i, Faith a COLORABLE analysts awake enough to know how i/(humanity) is/(are) perceived in ORDER to BOOK ENTRIES UNDER Due(s) PROCESS to "IT's" DIRIVITIVE ISSUERs.
One does not need be aware of "such implications" to realize THIS (TYPE) of "SYSTEM" is "BROKE"N. Begging the question for whom are we DOC-U-SIGNinc these "NAME" VESSEL's for? It is not natural to play with PEOPLE's TRUST as GOD's in ORDER to force PRAY for GRANT RELIEF. The question was never about how are we going to fix "THIS". The TRUE question is why are "we" being forced to DUE's PROCESS "THIS""D"eb-t(-3) payments if not to seek REMEDY on how to "fix" humanity at large? Superimposing PREJUDICE (pre-judgment), USURP's free WILLs violating BASIC human rights to exist. You ARE ORDERING JUDGMENT UPON how we've been PROGRAM-ED to believe called LIFE. WE are RIGGED to CHEAT at DEATH BY a LEAGAL substance ABUSE in a syndrome designed UNDER a "GOD INFUSED""MASTER" LIFE SUPPORT DE- humanizing SOUL VESSEL. Respectful Declared (i /(AM-JUR)/swearing). "ASSE®T ΩTM: As a soul whom legally changed her name to Faith in order to honor the creator of life, it should go without saying - had i been aware or awake enough at the times these unconscionable events took place, i would never have participated in such MINDLESS games IN MON(K)EY SUIT". TO DO so is discriminating for humanity IT'self.

Humanity did not fail. Your "STUDY" of it did!

Its #HammerTime....

Hammer time

This is a sworn Affidavit
of Declaration aka Truth in Commerce.
in re:

In common law, a writ of qui tam is a writ whereby a private individual who assists a prosecution can receive all or part of any penalty imposed. Its name is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur, meaning "[he] who sues in this matter for the king as well as for himself." in the United States it falls under the False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. § 3729 et seq., which allows a private individual, or "whistleblower," with knowledge of past or present fraud committed against the federal government to bring suit on its behalf.

There are those to whom this has worked and there are others that are being stone walled. What is even worse, there are those whom use it as their own personal piggy bank.

This post will break down the Deed of Trust also known as a Government Election of Action further below, before that can be done, you need to understand what you are looking for upon the contract. If you look at the bottom of the front page you will see the Government Form # ______ (varies per state). The TRUTH IN LENDING is that there has not been a mortgage in existence for over 80 years.

This are not our rules, these are the rules of those whom would dare think they can play with our very souls by messing with our minds.

Contract law is very specific. The use of capital letters is dictated by the US Printing style Manuel, which explains how to identify a CORPORATION. As you go through this site you will see how to identify the corporation that was created on your behalf upon your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and your SOCIAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION CARD to which if you flip to the back, you will note the words your NAMEsake ID is property there of.

The US Dollar is a Promissory note for public and private use. It is governed under Article III Contracts in law.

Cestui a que use le feoffment fuit fait, literally means, "The person for whose use the feoffment was made." Feoffment or enfeoffment was the deed by which a person was given land in exchange for a pledge of service. This mechanism was later used to avoid restrictions on the passage of title in land by a system in which a landowner would give land to one person for the use of another. The common law of estates in land grew from this concept.

There are no lenders of promissory notes, only creditors. The NAMEsake is the creditor.

You cannot lend credit to a private person. The Person is the surety backing the FIAT promissory notes.

A living breathing person is a beneficiary MEMBER of WE THE PEOPLE NAMEsakes.


Quick recap - Federal Reserve Act (1913) hypothecated all property to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. It is privileged knowledge that the Federal Reserve Trustees (stockholders) held legal title, to THE UNITED STATES citizen (tenant, franchisee) whom were registered as the "beneficiary" of the CESTUI QUE TRUST via his/her birth certificate to the Federal Reserve System mimicking their natural birth name. It has been withheld from the general public at large that the Federal Reserve System is the undisclosed Maritime lender through whom the banks broker at an up charge for PUBLIC use for quite some time. 

The NAMEsake BIRTH CERTIFICATE is recorded Department of Transportation as a State Owned Vessel. Discharge through Secretary of Transportation 46 U.S.C. §31321: US Code - Section 31321 Filing recording and discharge. Meaning your NAMEsake is a vessel lost at sea. You (the lowercase human) are the beneficiary of the Government issued NAMEsake, making you a authorized secret agent of the government ENTITY. To allow public vessel an election of remedies which is denied to civilian employed through the War Shipping Administration, 50 U.S.C.App. § 1291, would contribute neither to uniformity nor to fairness. Pp. 343 U. S. 440-441. Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a death certificate, because they hypothecated your name.

Effective retroactively, signed into law by President Obama. The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act effectively
removed qui tam remedies from 35 U.S.C. § 292 regarding false marking. It switches the U.S. patent system from a "first to invent" to a "first inventor to file" system, eliminates interference proceedings, and develops post-grant opposition up front retroactive. Meaning, by implication, a child or his parents had one year to protest the issuance or use of these instruments within such a system. This is an infringement of inalienable rights.

When you enter into a state courtroom, you are in the lions den. You are NOT in a constitutional court, in fact there have not been constitutional courts in over 100 years. Courts are agents under the IRS Federal Civil Rules, Rule 81(f) holding a fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders of the Federal Reserve.

Meaning the Clerk, who is the ADMINISTRATOR of CESTUI QUE TRUST's, appointed the Judge as the TRUSTEE for the TRUST. A SUMMONS is issued to the defending party in order to raise the dead. This is why they ask the people within their courtrooms to "All Rise". You are there to document the Pro-se(x)(u)cution. JURIS - is the LexisNexis trademark accounting system. Lexis meaning the total stock of words in a language Nexis (a play off Nexus designating a central link or connection) is a computer-assisted research service for lawyers. Lawyers are the fiduciary TRUSTEE for the TRUST, and you are considered under the protection of them as your Ward(en) of the courts. DICTION is the choice and use of words. So when you are entering into their JURIS-DICTION for BOOKING, you are being PUBLICLY DOCKETED (recorded proceedings of the event for tax purposes) and PUBLICLY published in violation of Copyright laws. To learn more click here

In re: CRIS (-H- T) system that connects the courts to the Federal Reserve. Banks and utility companies have direct access to these NAMEsake TRUSTs. The SSI; SSD; Medicare and Medicaid are all financed by these NAMEsake TRUSTs. Meaning that the Government has also benefited by the use of these trusts in the financing of bank Bail outs.

The courts are aware the cannot mix PUBLIC (The NAMEsake) with private (you) so they use contracts of adhesion. AKA the SUMMONS and the NOTICE OF DEFAULT, which is a notice to the beneficiary of the CESTUI QUE TRUST's.

MATTER OF FACT Attorneys acting as a Trustee Fiduciary are responsible for reporting taxes. You cannot artfully plead your way out of not paying taxes when acting under USAM 6-4.010 on behalf of "the people's" Social Security TRUST's. You either follow these rules or your go to jail for tax evasion. See Rule 11 pursuant to the American Bar Association- law firms to which Failed to comply with the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Publication 542 Corporations. By answering the SUMMONS, you accepted an their offer to contract and granted them "jurisdiction" over you by doing so.

In every contract (also true of traffic tickets BTW) you have 3 day to rescind the contract. If you use blue ink and write in all caps (representative of the CORPORATION NAMEsake), have it notorized and mailed by the notary to the courts and opposing council, you have removed them from being able to adjudicate to a SUMMARY judgement.


The reason you are a MEMBER BANK is because as a human under a TRUST you cannot be levied, you are the surity backing the value of the Government FIAT currency being used backed by your belief in its value (AKA your NAMESAKE "FAIT(H)"). The FIAT currency i.e.. the US Dollar Bill holding the printed currency IN GOD WE TRUST - actually refers to the CESTUI QUE TRUST's in reference to the belief system it entails.

There is one more thing you need to know to help you break down these contract as it pertains to contract law. The use of quotation marks and bold letters upon a contract is a use to identify an autonomous definition linked to its defined term by a verb, i.e.… as in “IRS” means the Internal Revenue Service, whereas in the case of an integrated definition the defined term is created in parentheses placed at the end of the definition, as in Since July 4th, 2018, Faith has filed sworn affidavits in declaration with the Federal Claims court … those affidavits, the
“Faith Claims" are brought to you by a volunteer Federal witness of mortgage crimes.

UNDERSTAND that by publishing this, we are showing you prima facia evidence by swearing and the acquiesce of silence you can use back at them. By the end of this post, we promise you will be swearing too.

Because everything we think we own is actually under a NAMEsake TRUST (because dying intestate reverts back to the State, odds are in their favor) we are function in an Admiralty environment. Because you are UNDER the Social Security "Administration" (Grantor of your NAMEsake TRUST) you are the "director" of this wordsmith "play". You must direct the Judge along these lines if you did rescind the contract SUMMONS in time. Remember you are not being sued, your NAMEsake is. Do not state you name, it is in there for commercial use. You are a living breathing person of legal age making a special appearance on your commercial NAMEsake's behalf - sui juris (of age) of the majority

Your honor, i accept your oaths (meaning you accept his "role") . As the Court appointed TRUSTEE, i (lower case natural name) and do hereby "DIRECT" you to properly discharge these matters and award the penalties for the PROCESS' DECLARING inappropriate use of the Unlawful "DEAD" Detainer courts whom have been illegally withholding of lawful entitled beneficiaries to the possession of land under CESTUI QUE. See UCC § 4A-405. PAYMENT BY BENEFICIARY's BANK TO BENEFICIARY and § 4A-404. OBLIGATION OF BENEFICIARY's BANK TO PAY AND GIVE NOTICE TO BENEFICIARY.

Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 92, the IRS is trained under the direction of the Division of Human Resources United Nations (U.N.) and the Commissioner (International), by the office of Personnel Management.  SF form 24 is the bid bond. The performance bond is SF form 25. The payment bond is SF form 25 A.   These are liens the courts place against your BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Welcome to the BOND-age.

These forms are in play under the Comptroller of the Currency under the GAO.  Commercial items are commercial paper as per the 8th edition of Black’s Law. We are "in fact" in an assumpsit environment for debt collection purposes.

Now lets break down the "mortgage" contract. There is no rebuttable presumption as the Deed of Trust "DOT" (fiduciary NAMEsake dotted line) is documented testimony once you learn how to read it. Ready… Here we go.

There are no provisions in Title 12 banking 375-A for a bank to own land, a bank cannot act as a holder in due course against real property because the surety is not the property, it is the human surety backing the NAMEsake in exchange for FIAT currency passed through the MERS BORROWER to the investors.

Deeds of Trust are superimposed commercial warranty deeds of conveyance to which create a
Government Election "of Actions".

The Government Form number is located at the bottom of the front page of the Contract ie FORM 3005 for California - FORM 3408 for Washington ect…

The all caps NAMEsake is property of the Social Security Administration and is notated as such upon the back of the social security identification card.

The all caps NAMEsake is disclosed as the lowercase consumer borrower upon the Government form. Note: There is no disclosure as to whom the all caps BORROWER is upon the contract.

Note: There is no disclosure as to whom the all caps BORROWER is borrowing from, so here is the MERS Trademark agreement showing MERS as the undisclosed BORROWER.

The use
"Bold letters" and Quotations are used to define by emphasis the "Security Instrument", "Borrower", "Lender", "Trustee", "MERS", "Note", "Property", "Loan", "Riders", "Applicable Law", …….."Mortgage Insurance".. "RESPA" ….….."Successor in Interest of Borrower".

Per the Form - "Security Instrument" means this this document (referring to the DEED OF TRUST contract).

Per the Form -
"MERS" is the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. MERS is a separate corporation that is acting solely as nominee for Lneder and Lender's succesors and assigns. MERS is the beneficiary under this Security instrument. MERS is organized and existing under the laws of Delaware, and has an address of …….

The BORROWER COVENANTS that the Borrower (NAMEsake) is lawfully siesed of the estate, and that the BORROWER has the right to grant and convey the unencumbered property. Applying logic if MERS is the undisclosed BORROWER, the MERS - per title recorded documented admission - has proclaimed MERS held the authority and the right to sieze the government property NAMEsake TRUST "estate" AND that the real property the consumer thought he was obtaining a mortgage for, was unencumbered (meaning no mortgage was created - further not mortgage is not defined upon the Form).
See 18 U.S.C. Section 641 - emphasis added.

Per the contract "Lender" is ……….. organized under the laws of THE UNITED STATES. The "Lender" is acting on behalf of the "Security Instrument" AKA the Form. If you investigate further you will find them either by the MIN#'s fist 7 digits properly identifying the MERCORP members using MERS trademark system to nominate MERS as the beneficiary of your NAMEsake TRUST. The Lender is the Organizer AKA originator of the MORTGAGE PASS THROUGH TRUST to which your NAMEsake is placed into a tax exempt Special Purpose Vehicle.

The NAMEsake beneficiary was passed the property in exchange for FIAT currency in which paid off the property in exchange for the freehold use of the Government NAMEsake (which is evidenced by the HUD ONE "settlement" statements AKA statement showing the settlement of the NAMEsake account of the purchase of the home).

This FIAT exchange was pass through to the investors in exchange for certificates issued against the manipulated LIBOR index. The NOMINEE BENEFICIARY was granted a freehold use of the NAMEsake under the
"Security Instrument" AKA the FORM, to which was irrevocably transferred into MORTGAGE PASSTHROUGH TRUST for TRADE.

Pooling and Servicing agreements were the indentures for those TRUSTS. They promised the NAMEsake borrower/surity was responsible for the repayment of the debt to which MERS BORROWED from the Federal Reserve against the NAMEsake as a MEMBER FRANCHISE BANK whom MERS used to BORROW credit as a nominee beneficiary of the NAMEsake.

Now look closely at what they transferred.

Upon the FORM the following is notated TRANSFER OF RIGHTS IN THE PROPERTY. The beneficiary of this Security Instrument is MERS (sole as nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns… This Security Instrument secures to the Lender; (i) the repayment of the Loan, and all renewals, extension and modifications of the Note; and (ii) the performance of Borrower's covenants and agreements under this Security Instrument and the Note. For this purpose, Borrower irrevocable grants and conveys to Trustee, in trust, with the power of sale the following described property.

The ENTITY its the NAMEsake notates the TRANSFER RIGHTS meaning the NAMEsake where all property is the property of the Social Security Administration (S.S. ADMIN). "IN" THE PROPERTY. (not of the property). Meaning they can swap NAMEsake for NAMEsake if the borrower (NAMEsake) fails to perform. There repayment of the loan is made up front (settlement statement against the NAMEsake - statements are not True Bills, they are the offset of the NAMEsake to which was BORROWED up front by MERS). So if the Lender was paid through the "Security instrument" , you NAMEsake fulfilled the covenants which automatically nullified the power of sale provision ab initio.

Real property is held by the Social Security Administration under a CESTUI QUE TRUST, transferred to another property held by the Social Security Administration under a CESTUI QUE TRUST means that under a federal state of emergency means that it is not possibly for property held in such TRUST to be legally abandoned. See Melorich Builders v. The SUPERIOR COURT of San Bernardino County (Serbia) 207 Cal.Rptr. 47 (Cal.App.4 Dist. 1984) “Uncontested Affidavit taken as true in Opposition of Summary Judgment.”

Further The Pooling and Servicing agreements are Trust indenture for the NAMEsake Trust. The Pooling and Servicing agreements are Trust indenture for the NAMEsake Trust.   By the courts ruling the surety human responsible for repayment, they are transferring an involuntary indenture to repay the NAMEsake to which they are the beneficiary thereto. This is, in fact involuntary servitude.

MERS "trademark" system holding an undisclosed BORROWER in misdirection. This is an infringement upon unalienable rights, (specifically to be secure in one's home) also NAMEsakes are in contempt of human rights as they usurp the names in which we were endowed with. See Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As it pertains to the Trademark under the Copyright Act ; MEMBERS "we the people" did not in fact express the idea of the NAMEsake. Defamation exists in False Statement of Facts, invasion of Privacy, false light, and Misappropriation of the Right of Publicity for use in commercial intellectual trade under the MERS "trademark" system holding an undisclosed BORROWER in misdirection. This would be an infringement upon unalienable rights, (specifically to be secure in one's home) also NAMEsakes are in contempt of human rights as they usurp the names in which we were endowed with. To which these courts hold certain constitutional JURIS- Dictions for various BOOKings.

This does not even begin to touch upon the certificates issued against the manipulated LIBOR index to control the payouts to the investors on the other end, set to emulate consumer defaults to make it appear as a bad investment to force the investors to sell off their certificates for pennies on the dollar. Under Title 12 banking 375, the penalty for violation for failure to secure a collateral deposit of 100% deposit for the credit extensions through MERS means the BORROWING entity is only liable for 10% of the "lien" value. So why not.

Sworn Affidavit of Declaration has been brought to you be Faith Lynn Brashear as
Truth in Commerce. See 48 CFR

See : 3 Am Jur 2d Affidavits (Notice Sections 8 & 20)

Beneficiary MEMBERS WE THE PEOPLE hold interest in pecuniary damage against the criminal elements within illegal foreclosure practice to which has engaged the lower level courts in civil RICO. see 12 C.F.R part 1006, Title 12 ... Part *1006 - FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT (REGULATION F) ... 12 U.S.C. 5512, 5581; 15 U.S.C. 1692o.

Indenture contracts of human beings are banned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

NOTE: Non Rebutted Affidavits are “Prima Facie Evidence in the Case, “United States vs. Kis, 658 F.2d, 526, 536-337 (7th Cir. 1981); b) Cert Denied, 50 U.S. L.W. 2169; S.Ct. March 22, 1982. “Indeed, no more than (Affidavits) is necessary to make the Prima Facie Case.”

“Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading. . . We cannot condone this shocking behavior… This sort of deception will not be tolerated and if this considered to be routine by all other courts, it should be corrected immediately.” See U.S. v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299. See also U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032; Carmine v. Bowen, 64 A. 932.

“Uncontested affidavit” moved the court to hear the case. United States v. Lopez, No. 07-3159 (10th Cir. 03/04/2008). g) …”finding uncontested affidavit of debtor’s attorney that he provided telephonic notice of debtor’s bankruptcy case sufficient to hold creditor in violation of § 362(h).” Those of whom filed bankruptcy to seek relief did not do so as creditors. Filing under the presumption consumers had borrowed a mortgage using MERS did so under duress of a false creditor.

Dismissal on other grounds… i.e. when facts are undisputed and DF is entitled to JGT as a matter of law (Summary JGT under R56) statute of limitation, claim or issue preclusion, etc. Answer – a pleading that responds to allegations of the complaint and may add new matter as well. R8(b)(c)(d) Admissions. allegations not denied are deemed admitted. Denials? those allegations properly denied are joined, meaning they are in dispute and ripe for adjudication.” CIVIL PROCEDURE SPRING 2003 – Professor Von Creel, OCU Law School. v) The above, as well as dozens of other cases which could be sited to support the legal position on the validity of unrebutted or uncontested affidavits, which are deemed admitted, regardless of the framework in which this lawful fact is presented. To have to take this to a court in suit is a waste of the court’s time and a violation of the PRA.

Not even the courts can pass the buck on this post.

  • i Faith Lynn Brashear, am a past employee of Wells Fargo whom beta tested the MERS BORROWING system of MINDBOX "asset classification by use of a DU (reverse UD) underwriting "system" that pulled the FICO Social Security number scoring "system" in 1997 (2 years prior to the 1999 deregulation implementing CORE LOGIC).
    10. i Faith Lynn Brashear, am a past employee of Countrywide during their merger to BAC to BANK OF AMERICA.
11. i, Faith Lynn Brashear, am a realtor MEMBER REALTORScreen Shot 2018-09-03 at 6.32.21 AM.

Which makes this the premeditation of the Mortgage Crisis which in fact in law is called treason! Unless you wish us to start posting names, i would suggest that these undisclosed industry idiots BACK OFF.

At NO time was i aware that i was aiding an abating in such fraudulent concealment.

At NO time was i aware that i was aiding and abetting federalized tax evasion.

At NO time was i aware that i was participating in the defrauding these nations.

i would have NEVER agreed to such terms.

i do Declare under penalty of perjury "I WILL" redeem "YOURs(h)elf for benefit to "MEMBERS" WE THE PEOPLE!

The MASTER CREATOR of this UNIVERSE no longer gets to play "GOD" and his "SYSTEM OPERATORS" can kiss my "ASS"ET's goodby! You are hereby NOTICED, the WHISTLE has been BLOWN and your players are GROUNDED!

As the fiduciary trustee i assume responsibility for the NAMEsake FAITH LYNN BRASHEAR as its authorized representative.  I am here to audit the books of CORPORATE AMERICA franchised NAMEsakes for alternate "accountability" to hold the lower level actors involved in these unqualified IRS transactions liable in E&O offsets owed against the deficit via the MERS trademark system as the undisclosed BORROWER of Deeds of TRUST upon Government Election of Actin Forms. Lower level complacency in graft exchange is no excuse to commit such crimes against humanity.
POSTED as good as avail UCC 1-308
by special appearance sui juris - private Attorney General unchallenged. In capacity of involuntary indentured TRUST GUARDIAN

How did you celebrate your 4th of July?

How did you celebrate your 4th of Juy?

411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701

Judge "Sledgehammer" Carter
Room 9D
8:30 am

July 30, 2018
Powers v The Bank Of New York Mellon et al

A Case unlike any other was filed on June 20,2018 by the Powers "Sledgehammer" Team. 
This is a CIVIL JOINDER OF CRIMINAL ACTIONS that has the potential to shut down debt collectors and Financial Crimes Against Humanity all together. The judge has PROMISED indictments as fraud is proven, this case seems to prove all without doubt.

Have you lost your home to Financial crimes?
Ever take out what you THOUGHT was a loan?
Ever been foreclosed on? Homeless? Evicted? Car Repossessed? Jailed for non payment of tickets? Child Support? Utilities shut off? 
This case is of interest to everyone, even the judge, sheriff, police, public servants et al. 
Ever think about the "financial reset" or "jubilee"?
Want to wake up free of Peonage and Debt Slavery?

People are caravaning from all over the country, some even flying in to be here! EVERYONE is invited as this case affects every single man or woman who ever thought they took out a loan...This case proves 4 things:
1. You are the Bank
2. Everything is Prepaid
3.There is no loan 
4. There is no Cash! "Where is the Collateral Deposit?"


Read Powers v BONYM et al Civil Criminal Joinder Action here:

Case Facebook Page:

Radio Broadcast:

Carl Collicott Request for copy of Collateral Deposit Account drafted by Carl Colllicott, no right reserved

#PowersvBONYMetal #YouAreTheBank #ThereIsNoLoan#EverythingIsPrepaid #JudgeSledgehammerCarter #FraudUponTheWorld#IndictAndJailTheFinancialOrgs

The best part, is that the first one registered had the Dirty Judge in Riverside running REO graft bribes through his ownership interest in First Team Real Estate with franchises up and down So Cal. Dis Yit is about to explode!!!! Get yours in NOW!


Ronald W Reagan Federal Courthouse

Wtf INC?


If you are reading this right now, that means that either someone you know has been a victim of a foreclosure, your mad as hell because you know you were cheated, can prove you were cheated, and no one is listening to you!
Want to know more information about the #MASSINJOIN MOVEMENT so that you can finally be heard! What you are reading here is an expansion of our #MASSinJoin page and it will blow your mind!

A major victory is going on in right now in the California courts on a case which is exposing everything that has been hidden from you in the reasons why homeowners have been loosing in court. It has been long in the system fighting for over 10 years now, and on Wednesday June 20th, 2018 we had a breakthrough to which enables everyone to join in…..


On Wednesday June 20th, 2018 History was made by Mrs. Powers in one of the most profound submission made upon her WINNING case. What this effectively does for people around this nation, is expose the core root that attaches each and every MERS in Uniform with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac illegal foreclose across the board and enjoins them into this case by default. How? by exposing the MERS copyright trademark as the undisclosed BORROWER upon these contracts whom has been taking money from the PUBLIC TRUST FUND in order to pretend to lend you money. (We attached the MERS NATIONSBANK SECURITY AGREEMENT so you can see what is going on.

They called a S.W.A.T team out to evict this 58 year old woman and her teenage son, WITH GUNS DRAWN AGAINST THE HOME AND THE OCCUPANTS THEREIN. The party from is an interested party from, it is a civil joinder of criminal actions to which is being presented asserting congressional intent.

This case has the attention of the league because of the power packed behind it. So lets show her how much we appreciate everything she has done for us all.
POWER JOINDER) Click here for more information on her case

How can you show your support. by notifying the courts that you are an interested party. Then fill this out and send it in!

CV-30 - interested Party Form

Just like in every case you still have to send a Proof of Service to all of the Parties in Play (the Plaintiff and the Defendants)

Attorneys representing the Defendants_w_emails


Here is the MERS NATIONSBANK agreement showing MERS as the BORROWER not you!


This is also good to keep for your records

Scan_BNY Mellon Certs

While the league has been actively working in the background with cases up and down the coast of California we have been exposing corrupt judges and officials for receiving graft benefits to rule against you. There are several coming forward in their own notifications as well. In fact we have documentation on the head justice at Riverside county holding a vested interest in a real estate company with branch offices up and down the southern California coast, and others in the Northern part of California recording documents like this one…. Yes title companies are now recording as the Sellers of wrongful foreclosed properties as Wtf Inc. BTW that investment trust, was terminated on the SEC in 2006. In fact each and every pass-through of MERS followed the same pattern. They season the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit or REMIC for a year before swapping it our unto another investment conduit through what is called derivative trading of Government Copyright intellectual property. They created this system against your social security number as a means to borrow against what was placed aside for YOUR retirement, and they have been trading your social security on the black market by converting them into certificates to which were attached to the manipulated LIBOR index in order to control the payouts to the investors while skimming off the top. Once that year was seasons, they would emulate and encourage consumer defaults by instructing their servicer's to say things like "we cannot help you unless you are in default.". The really sick part to all of this….. is that they consider you as a living breathing person, as nothing more than Government intellectual property, and because congress signed off on very specific bills to enable this… they have been blackmailing and extorting money from our Government for years. Why else do you think we have a
national debt of over $21 Trillion to which increases and average of $100k a minute.


Here is what you can do…

Every voice is needed right now more than ever… all it costs is your time to to organize and outline, if you do not know exactly what to say, you are welcome to use some of our leagues verbiage below, because what we are effectively doing in this protest is demanding a copy of what was really traded. We already know what you think you borrowed, was traded for trillions of dollars that have been filtered off shore naming you as the unaware investor under with the IRS. Oh and by the way, the reason we cite Federal Civil Rules, Rule 81(f) (omitted from public view) on the bid protest form, is because that is the citation that reveals the courts, their reps, their employees etc etc as officers of the Internal Revenue Service. Yup, the courts themselves are aiding and abetting in grand larceny and the sad thing is, is most of the younger judges under the orders from the ones running these side RICO tax evasion scams on behalf of MERS, have no idea this is what they are engaged in.

1. Fill out your name on the pre-form, have your affidavit of crimes against you/declaration notarized and attached to the form 
2. Fill out an Envelope for Return of copies stamped
3. Send the original and two copies, original for filing and 2 copies for return
4. Make sure you have it returned with signature required for you
5. Overnight the package to the court clerk for filing


ATTN: Court Clerk for filing

411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701

Let this publication serve as notice from Dis-League's intent to sue the Corporate United States of America-


The PEOPLE move for a Grantor Recovery Rehabilitation and Restitution ACT - made BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE in support of our beloved NATION.

For those whom read this and still do not understand, it means you as a living breathing human being are being traded upon the Securities and Exchange Commission as a living breathing Government copyright commercial chattel. By addressing the actual UCC codes and underlaying reason to which this system was implemented, it forces the judge to act on your behalf, and not the federalized banking industry at large behalf. Because if they do not, they are held as accessories to the same crimes being committed by the the purp-e-traitors of these dirty deeds "for"-"closure"!

Want to know what we are doing about it? Read on…



Welcome to the new BONDage


Those whom have been following this blog, or are just in the awakening process and landed here because they know something is seriously wrong with this world. You may wish to start at the beginning because even to this author, coming to terms with the fact that we are being used in human intellectual BONDage trading as government commercialized chattel took quite some time to believe or accept.

What we are showing you was what was used in vice-admiralty courts in the colonies in the American Revolution to which has been around for centuries to infiltrated and convert nations into dictatorships. Only an intellect who studies religion, history, and law devoutly can truly see the system for what it is. We know that individuals are incredibly gifted, and we also know that every day we as a nation have been slowly watching our freedoms slip further and further away from us. It is because of this, that we post this today. If you take nothing else from these words, remember this. The Proud Members of WE THE PEOPLE are collective - collective in uniform beats collaborative no matter what time line you are living in. We are just lifting the veil so that you can see repeated history at its finest to prey on the good faith of us all.

First and foremost Statues are bonds… Courtroom charges are civil, not criminal and all courts are under an ongoing state of emergency to where they have been turned into probate courts, to where judges are now administrators of Royalties under a trademark system used by the federalized banking industry. IRS agents are neither trained nor paid by the United States government. Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 92, the IRS is trained under the direction of the Division of Human Resources United Nations (U.N.) and the Commissioner (International), by the office of Personnel Management.

Everything involves bonds. When you are arrested there are two different sets of bond. A bid bond is filled out when you are arrested. US District court uses forms used SF 273, 274, and 275. There is another set of bonds. Both sets are put out by the GSA. SF form 24 is the bid bond. The performance bond is SF form 25. The payment bond is SF form 25 A. These are all put out by the GSA, under the Comptroller of the Currency under the GAO (general accounting office).

SF 273, 274, and 275. are
the bonds for federal level courts to use. What are they doing with these bonds? In the court room you are being sued for debt collection. It is an action in assumpsit. The word, presume, comes from assumpsit. “I agree, or I undertook to do...” Assumpsit means collection of debt.

All these bonds have a penal sum attached to it. If you go into default judgement, you end up in prison wondering what is going on. If you argue jurisdiction, or refuse to answer questions that the court addresses to you, you’ll be in contempt of court and in jail. This goes back to Edward I and Clerk’s Praxis. This is all civil and not criminal. It’s a smoke screen to cover up what they are doing.

They brought someone to court under an arrest bond. There was a civil suit. Clerk’s Praxis is Latin for practice. Praxis means practice. You are held until the suit is complete, they get a default judgment for failure to pay a debt and then you are put in prison. Attorneys are there as a smoke screen to cover up what is really done. They lead you into default judgment by argument (dishonor), you go to prison and then the default judgment is sold.

US District Court buys all the state court judgments. Type US Court in any search engine. After you get to US Courts there are 11 circuit courts of the US listed. Click on circuit 7 and that takes you into all the list of courts. To find Ohio/Illinois find circuit 7 is northern Illinois district courts, bankruptcy courts, etc and then you’ll find a box that says clerks office. Scroll down and you’ll see administrative offices and under that you’ll see financial departments. It talks about the criminal justice acts, optional bids, it’s all spelled out.

Go to List of sureties. Why would they have a list of sureties in a federal district court? When you click on this it takes you to www.FMS.Treas.Gov. This is department of treasury. Then you will see on the left hand side of the screen, admitted and reinsured. Under that is list of sureties. Under that is ‘forms.’ If you click on admitted, reinsureds, there are over 300 insurance companies. There’s a complete list. There’s also a list of Surety Companies. These are more insurance companies. Under Circular 750 the dept of treasury these insurance company have to be certified before they can purchase the bonds. They can’t put up bonds unless they are certified by the secretary of the treasury.

you go to “forms.” Click here it goes to the Miller Backed Reinsurance; it’ll list three different type of bonds. You don’t use a bid bond in district court. These bonds come out of the GSA. The 273, 274 and 275 bond forms are as follows: 273 is the reinsurance agreement with the US; 274 is the Miller Act Reinsurance Performance Bond; 275 is your payment bond–the Miller Act Reinsurance Payment Bond.

What are they doing with these bonds? They have regulations governing these bonds.......2,000 pages governing these bonds. Gene will sell these for $50. If you go into these regulations they tell you they’re buying up commercial items (actual words) 2.01 of these regulations. These regulations are divided into 50 parts. There are 1126 pages Volume1; 823 pages in volume 2. Commercial items are non-personal property. Property that is not real estate, moveable property. Real estate is not moveable. These terms are defined in UCC.

Commercial items are commercial paper. This is the 8 th edition of Black’s Law which just came out. “Commercial items: it’s commercial paper; negotiable instruments; anything you put your signature on is a negotiable instrument – lex mercantoria.(?) This is used in the courtroom because everyone of us is a merchant of law. Because I use commercial paper on a day-to-day schedule I am considered an expert. This is why they don’t tell us what’s going on in the court room. Every time we put our signature on a paper, we’re creating negotiable and non negotiable instruments and that makes us experts. When I endorse it under 3-419 I’m an accommodation party or an accommodation maker. Anyone who loans his signature to another party is an accommodation party. This is in 3-419 of the UCC.

Your loans are your signature to them, they can rewrite your signature on any document they want to. The federal courts buy up the state courts default judgments. These are civil and just being called criminal to cover up what they are doing. If you don’t pay the debt you go to prison.

CUSIP is an identification system. DTC Depository Trust Corporation, and has several other monikers. Depository Trust Clearing Corporation. 1 trillion dollars a day goes through the DTC. Govt Clearing Securities Clearing Corporation is another day. CUSIP (committee on uniform identification processes) is a trademark of Standard and Poors and is on bottom floor of the building at Water Street in Washington DC. CUSIP cins (cusip international numbering system) is an international numbering system. Domestic securities have 6 digit numbers; international number (isid -- international securities identification division--plus) are a global networking system. Paine Webber, with 10,000 corporations in it, is the major stockholder of CCA, Corrections Corporation of America in Nashville, TN.

They have privatized the system. Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, HUD, are all international. Everyone is feeding off the prison system internationally. All major corporations are feeding off the prison system including REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), PZN–Prison Trust. All real estate companies are holding bonds and the bonds are not redeemed and they haven’t closed my account. Lehman Bros just gave $6 billion. New York City had a $3 billion deficit. Lehman Brothers gave NYC the money to build credit facility (not prison system). Lehman Brothers is underwriting the prison system. They buy up the bid bonds, the court judgments.

There are international treaties that are reinsurance treaties. Insurance Companies come in and act as sureties for the bid bonds. The performance, bid, and payment bonds are all surety bonds. All bid bonds must have a surety. The surety is guaranteeing the reinsuring of the bid bond by issuing the performance bond. They get an underwriter (investment broker or banker) to underwrite the performance bond which reinsures the bid bond. The underwriter takes the payment, performance and bid bonds and pools them into ‘mortgage backed securities’ which are called bonds and sold to TBA, The Bond Market Association, an actual corporation. After the payment bond is issued to reinsure or underwrite the performance bond, which reinsures the bid bond, the banks convert the bonds to investment securities. The banks and brokerage houses are selling these as investment securities. The prisoners are funding the whole enchilada. Because you got into default judgment when you went into the court room.

There are regulations governing these that are all in 48CFR, title 48 code of federal regulations which deals with commercial items, which are negotiable instruments, which are court judgments--the performance, payment and bid bonds. . Any time you deal in bonds you are dealing with risk management. A reinsurer and reinsurance means you are dealing in risk management. The reinsurer is assuming part of the risk of the bid bond; they give him a portion of the original premium. The original insurer gets part of the premium of the policy of the bid bond for acting as surety for the bid bond. The underwriter guarantees the resale of the bonds back to the public as investment securities.

To win in court you have to redeem the bond. So ask asked for your bid bond and start asking for post settlement closure of the account. This process is hypothecation. You have to know how to hypothecate the bond. Banks make derivatives out of your promissory notes and sell them (mortgages, credit cards etc). These prison bonds are being monetized. They make an investment security out of it. They make a fortune off the prisoners. These bonds go international into sinds and then into ANNA (annual numerical numbering association) in Brussels, Belgium with unlimited capital. This is where euro, yin, sterling, everything is under the prison system. All countries are feeding off it.

This is what was behind 911. State legislatures pass bond statutes so they can arrest people for paper terrorism. American Legislative Exchange Committee is behind all this. Paul Warrick owns this think tank. ALEC promotes
privatization of the prison system. They go to the National Congress of Commissioners which are 72 judges and lawyers who ‘grew up’ under the UCC under lex mercantoria. “The principles of the law merchant are the rules of the decisions of all the courts.” Everything is commercial. All crimes are commercial. All crimes....kidnaping, robbery, extortion, murder. You don’t close the account, you go to prison. The bond gets sold domestically and internationally.

The bonds are sold on the NYSE. CCA (Corrections Corp of America) sells their stock and shares on the NYSE. John D. Russell owns 64 million shares of CCA. John Ferguson, VP, owns 5 million shares. They are on the CCA board of directors. The Dillon Corrections Corp is owned by David Dillon and merged with Trinity Ventures Investment who then became SB Warburg. That’s part of the Warburg family, located in Chicago, Illinois. They are hooked up with the BIF bank, the bank of international settlements in Switzerland, one of the largest banks in the world. This is why people do not win in court. The courts are just dog and pony shows.

Don’t use a bond. Use a bid bond. It has the word principle….You are the principal, the strawman is the surety. Put the strawman as the surety and yourself as the principal. Then fill out a performance bond which is a reinsurance bond for the bid bond. On the reinsurance bond put yourself down as the guarantor or the reinsurer. The performance bond is 274. The payment bond underwrites the performance. You can underwrite the bid bond with the performance bond. That’s the reinsurer. The courts do this for you, because you don’t know this stuff, but they do and then they can make the money off you.

If you have a case pending, go into whatever district you are in. Find the court, type in the case number and it’ll will tell you who has your bond. Banks are all tied into this. Every time you sign a check, it’s a promissory note, the bank makes a derivative out of it. The bank endorses it on the back, without recourse, and monetizes it by selling it as a derivative. They sell it internationally. Your $100 check is used by 20 or 30 corporations internationally. This is why we are not getting back our canceled checks. The reason is they are sold as promissory notes. The banks make derivatives out of them and sell them internationally. Therefore, you are loaning money to the bank. The bank re-loans it to other people. The CUSIP # is a 9 digit number, Internationally its up into 12 digits representing trillions of dollars.

Rule 13 says that when a claim arises from the same transaction or occurrence it is mandatory that you file a counter claim. What is your counter claim? Post settlement and closure of the account under public policy. You’re entitled to a discharge of the debt because you are the principle and the holder in due course of the original account; you own both sides of the account. You own the common stock and the preferred stock and you are the principal on the account which means you are the creditor. Everyone is acting like a debtor instead of a creditor. A creditor pays his debts.

You have to do the proper filing to establish your position. (UCC I–you have to be the secured party). You are the principal upon which all money circulates. This is the accrual method of accounting. Accruals are capital and interest from the principal.

Any time you monetize debt you have a principal. You have to identify yourself as the principal. What they have to do is return all the capital and interest to you as the principal. This is the accrual method of accounting. When you go to court and argue jurisdiction what you are saying is you aren’t going to pay the debt. The strawman (all caps name) is the name they have a claim against because your mother signed the birth certificate with the state creating the strawman contract. They used your name in all capital letters. That makes you the fiduciary trustee of the account which means you pay all of your debts to honor the court. People in the redemption process are going into the court and arguing and getting into default judgment. If you don’t give your name or argue jurisdiction you’re causing problems. What you can do is give a conditional acceptance.

If they don’t charge you, they don’t have a claim against the strawman. But don’t start arguing with the court about it. Do a conditional acceptance. “I’ll be happy to give me my name, if you’ll give me the charging paper.” Rebut the presumption that they have charges against you. They work on presumption and they don’t have to have anything. You have to rebut the presumption.

Use a negative averment. The court is drafting you for performance. If you don’t perform you get into dishonor by non-acceptance. They make a formal presentment under 3-501 of the UCC in order to charge and they use the word charge. They use the same commercial term on your indictments, complaints, your information. They use the word charge. The following charges...........two counts of RICO, etc. Gene Keating and Roger Elvick both had the same charges. Roger has been in jail 9 months, Roger hasn’t been to trial yet. Gene is out of jail. Roger is arguing jurisdiction. He’s arguing whether they are an article III court.

The have a business credit report on you. If the judge says he’s going to do a psychiatric exam on you, you’re arguing. You have to be a gentleman and not get belligerent. Be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. If you act like a belligerent they’re going to beat you up. You’re the fiduciary trustee and the principal and owner of the account

Tell them what to do. You want full settlement and closure of the account. You have to do this from the get-go. “I accept your charges for value and consideration (you must use value and consideration) in return for post-settlement and closure of account xxxxxxxxx (social security number with no dashes–the cusip is the SS # without the dashes) cusip and autotris (automated tracking identification system) number. Cusip is uniform security identification processes. Cusip uses you SS# to identify you because the birth certificate is an investment security. All these are registered at state level with department of human resources, then to department of commerce at federal level, and the to the DTC (Depository Trust Corporation on Water Street. CUSIP is a trademark of Standard and Poor. It is located under the DTC building at 55 Water Street in New York City. The 9 digit cusip is also used for isid (international numbering system).

“I accept the charges for value and consideration. In return please use my exemption and principal for post-settlement and closure of case number #___________ and cusip and autotris account #555555555 as this account is prepaid and exempt from levy.” Then date it and place your signature it below the previous statement. (The case # references back to your SS#. That’s why they always get your SS#). Endorse as the strawman by ‘authorized by’ or agent with your signature. Write “good as aval” after the signature. I’m the fiduciary trustee who is assuming responsibility for the strawman as the authorized representative. When you put the word by, and then authorized representative it means someone other than the strawman signed. Other way to do it is the real Christian appellation and you don’t have to put ‘by.’ (John Peter; Public) Under 3-402 1a of UCC, “if a person acting as a representative or purporting to act as a representative signs an instrument the name of the signor the representative person is bound by the signature in the same extent a representative person would be bound by the signature on a simple contract.” That is, you’re not incurring any liability on the signature. That’s why you want to sign the strawman name and then by John Peter Public, authorized representative.

they do is they put the autotris # in a manual in a module; every federal and state agency has my tracking number. They have it in the criminal task force. Passports, metro police, city, county, sheriff, FEMA, homeland security all use this #. Autotris was made in a forensics laboratory in Russia. It is owned by AD&M.

What they do is they put the autotris # in a manual in a module; every federal and state agency has your tracking number. They have it in the criminal task force. Passports, metro police, city, county, sheriff, FEMA, homeland security all use this #. Autotris was made in a forensics laboratory in Russia. It is owned by AD&M.

Judges and attorneys do not understand commercial law. They don’t teach it in law school. No one uses it in a court room. Nobody knows this stuff and that’s why Gene is teaching it. Because we are using commercial paper, the law assumes we understand what we are doing. You are responsible for your actions. If you use commercial paper on a daily basis, that makes you an expert by legal definition. They presume you know all this stuff when you go into a courtroom. The judges don’t even know this stuff.

If you don’t show up in court with an attorney, they grill you about competency and mental capacity. Here’s what you are dealing with. You are arguing with these people. You don’t want to argue in a commercial setting. What you want to do and the reason you have to have an attorney in a court room is that they are working on the public side and you are working on the private side. Everyone on the public side is insolvent or bankrupt. You are dealing in (Black’s Law) a fiction of law: You are referred to legal fiction. Why do they call it legal fiction? Definition: (this is the reason why you can’t argue venue and jurisdiction in a commercial setting) assumption that something is true even though it may be untrue. (In some aspects of admiralty you can argue venue and jurisdiction.) Made especially in judicial reasoning to alter how a legal rule operates, specifically a device by which a legal rule or institution is divergent from its original purpose to accomplish indirectly some other object. The constructive trust is an example of a legal fiction. Also termed a fiction of law........fictio juris. They will not allow you to defeat this fiction of law. This came out of Erie vs. Thompkins and courts at all levels are using fictions of law because everything is colorable and has the appearance of being rule, but it’s not real.

Confession and avoidance is a common law remedy. You avoid the consequences of the action by the plaintiff and you avoid by defenses. This has been changed to rule 8 concerning defenses federal rules of civil procedure. Letter of affirmative defense, the law of discharge, the law merchant, the law of principle and equity, the law of satisfaction, the law of bankruptcy. Are they bankrupt? Sure they are. You don’t want to rebut the presumption. You want to settle the account as the principle. When they monetize a debt they always have a principle on which they borrow all this money. Trafficant said we were going through the biggest bankruptcy and reorganization in the history of the US. He’s in jail because he dishonored the court. All these judges know there’s know money. Under common law only gold and silver is money. Title 12 section 211 and 212--The lawful money of the US is construed as gold and silver coin. Any federal reserve note is redeemable at any federal reserve bank or treasury office for lawful money. Title 31 section 5118 2d. HJR192.

have to give you an out, a remedy. Affirmative defenses under rule 8 is my remedy for every commercial liability. These are prepaid accounts. The industrial society borrows money to manufacture product, like General Motors. They are on the public side of the accounting ledger. On one side of the ledger everything is private.

principle is on one side, the debtor strawman is on the public side. That’s in the bankruptcy. You are the principle and the owner. You’re the stockholder, you’re the bank. This is not opinion, this is what is going on. You owns your own bank and you drew up your own charter. You are the lienholder in this system. You own preferred stock and the common stock. The strawman is the beneficiary. Your exemption is in a bridge between the private side and the public side. That’s why you have the exemption.

Credits are liabilities and debits are assets. They can’t pass from the credit to the debit side, because we are constantly in dishonor. Debits are private and credits are public. They’re borrowing all this money using our credit. You am responsible for the strawman. The strawman name is on the complaint in court and the strawman is liable and has to pay. If the strawman doesn’t pay, I pay for him because I didn’t assume the responsibility as the fiduciary trustee and they sell the account. They don’t need a real complaint or a real warrant. It’s all colorable.

They will not allow you to overcome them. You start arguing with them, not giving your name, they will drive you into submission and into contempt. You don’t want to do this. They will kill you and collect the insurance money be cause you are insured by the FDIC and the FDIA under title 12 with a $10 million dollar policy. Each and every one of you are worth more dead than alive. They’ll kill you without batting an eyelash. This is why they have been trying so hard to kill this author. Except now this author has written explicit instruction how they can collect billions beyond my bond by keeping this industry expert and her team alive. If they make these derivatives and fractionalize as suggested it now makes trillions of dollars off me for simply being alive.

Judges and lawyers in Texas hired someone to shoot migrant workers and then they collected the insurance money on them. This is serious business. What does a creditor do? Pays his debts? You literally are the only one with any money. The banks don’t have money, everyone on the public side is bankrupt. Everyone who goes into court and argues with the judge over how they spell their name (all caps, etc). When you have ‘committed’ a felony they will appoint counsel.

What you do is a letter Rogatory, a letter of advice. What goes in this letter Rogatory? You instruct the attorney that you are doing an acceptance for honor and you want an accounting of the total amount of the bill for full settlement and closure of the account and you give the case #, the cusip # and the autotris #. The letter Rogatory is in Clerk’s Praxis. What you say in the letter, you put your name in and “I ___________appoint ________(attorney’s name) as my fiduciary trustee, case #, autotris and cusip # , use my exemption for post settlement and closure of this case and account.” Date this and endorse it.

Oh BTW - you are only insured for so much, so if you are involved in such crimes such as tax evasion, forgeries, murder, attempted murder in the illegal disposition of government property, sorry, your bond cannot be settled out unless you can prove you can pay off your bond with monies to which were not generated against the very IMF you stole from. Sucks for you. so best you invest in lube as you will be the next eye candy 'itch sans b.

You want to really have fun.. issue an international bill of exchange for those abusive APA (parole officer) and the will stop billing you. So go after the bid bond, the performance bond and the payment bond

have insurance on the strawman and when you go in as an insurgent or belligerent,......... There is the war powers act and trading with the enemy act and you are subject to seizure wherever they find you.

If you don’t allow them settlement and closure they will kill you without batting an eyelash. Don’t fire the attorney. Tell the judge that you are appointing the attorney as fiduciary trustee. When you go into court you have to be a gentleman, and don’t get vulgar. If you do things right you will not be held in contempt of court.

So if they arrest you, what you want to do is go after the bid bond. There are two sets of bonds, the GSA 25, SF (standard form) . There are two sets of forms 24–bid bond, 25–performance bond, 25a is the payment bond. Municipal convention supercedes Article 3 of the UCC.

New Age Piracy The New Modus Operandi

Land Pirates

On Friday 3/9/18, a very important submission was made to our California State's Capital. Because of the sensitivity of what was contained therein, we were asked respectfully to remove parts of our last post.

We the People of these "United Nations" are begging to wake up to just how abusive this System has become, but many still are trying to figure out just what the heck when wrong. While
@DisLeague could rant and rage about whom done ya wrong (yeah we have our own target lists @NATO beginning with @GoldmanSachs) we instead are going get embark on Dat @NextGenTrain enlightenment to help #PassTheTourch to our @Emma4Change in online support as to why we are being forced to #MarchForOurLives in the first place. @DisLeague is offering you a choice in a pivotal moment in history. Just like the movie the Matrix you can take the blue pill, and block this site, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Or, you take the red pill—you stay in this man made #wunderland, and @Disleague will show you just how deep their rabbit hole goes.

Today we live in the next generation of land pirates through which have been created through series of deregulations and intellectual property adjustments to which has turned us not into a nation of living breathing people, but into what is called a Cost of Funds Index or COFI. You see when you are born, your parents registered you with the government as a CORPORATION by receiving and signing a birth certificate, from there your Corporation receives a taxpayer ID# called a social security number. This is so that you can be used as collateral for the government to acquire debt.

Yup, you are reading this correctly, YOU and your labor, time and energy is what backs up the National debt. YOU are Stock which is either classified as performa or non-performa. Performa stock is placed upon a variety of mezzanine plat forms to which fuels various financial systems. Non-performa Stocks are considered junk assets to which create system anomalies or blights within their system. The governments solution to this is to transfer their junk assets onto the non-performa stocks (AKA We the People whom have been declared dead) in that they can take additional write-offs against their losses by moving them over to Performa stocks (AKA We the People whom are being intellectually traded "above the land") in the creation of new dividend repayments back into their system in order to pay back the collateral granted to them by your birth off which they borrowed against to create this national debt.

Now some of our economists whom have been following this pre-meditated mortgage crash through which the MERS system, aka the Mortgage Electronic Registration System which is really nothing more than a Membership Enterprise Riged "People Stock" scheme through which "People Stock" were used to back the collateral obtained off the trading rights against a peace of real property where colorable monies known as FIAT currencies were laundered internationally and exchanged for certificates which in turn were attached to the manipulated LIBOR index. This is a Bank to Bank index called London Interbank Offered Rate. It's the rate of interest at which banks offer to lend money to one another in the wholesale money markets in London and in turn set the cost of various variable-rate loans.

Our Federalized financial friends at Barclays and Goldman Sad Sacs learned that by controlling the payouts to the investors of those certificates and by shorting the US Housing Bond Market, they could force an investor loss by triggering defaults upon the contracts that were used with their performa stock partnerships (AKA We the People) after seasoning us for a year within a special pooled vehicle. There were over 500 of these passthrough grantor vehicles created upon the Securities and Exchange commission, which effectively substituted We the People into the US Housing Bond Market and opened us up to Federal Repossessions through the courts.

Once the tigger hit, the certificate value fell triggering a loss on the open market to where these REMICs were then especially refinanced (along with our state pensions) under a different index called the ISDAfixed, International Swaps and Derivatives Association. This Index is a rate value for fixed interest rate swap rates, now renamed "ICE Swap Rate". This index was used to determine the value of the Worlds Currencies AKA Government FIAT currencies know to us as Euros, Brittish Punds, Swiss francs, and our US Dollar.

There is a reason the “broker” ICAP, the London-based firm under investigation, was nicknamed Treasure Island, because by electronically manipulating the value of interbank interest rate offerings to set the value of adjustable rates across the board, then using them when they tanked to refinance and enjoin state pension plans in the repayment of these "losses", then they could then refinance through ICAP, the value of world currencies to take the electronic difference and filter it internationally, electronically. Unfortunately once our governments caught wind of what was going on, they in turn printed $3,027,200 more $100 in 2012 to cover it up (What, you think they just reprinted that mass inflow because someone said, hey bob those $100 bills are looking a little shabby, lets recall and recirculate)

The thing to really keep in mind here, and that FIAT currencies are backed by nothing other than trust. Nixon made sure we were removed from the gold standard to launch this new Trust Nation. Historically whenever you have a government that decided not only to print up monies to expand a deficit to which the people are backing as Asset collateral upon promises to pay a debt never owed in the first place, is called an abusive tax matter partnership interest, its system crash time.

So what exactly happens when you breach the words written upon the Promissory note called the US Dollar with the words In God We Trust printed upon them? - Well frankly you get an Economic crash of these attached world currencies because the US Dollar is our go to currency. in our case, crypto currency wars, international positioning of alternate currency takeovers, i.e. ( rates for HongKong Dollar and Japanese Yen were suspended in 2013/2014 Interestingly enough around the same time our Federal Reserve and international banks like JP Morgan were discovered to be heavily involved in the internationalization of the Yuan where China has opened Yuan “clearing houses in multiple countries to allow faster convertibility of the Yuan, quietly supplanting the dollar as the world reserve currency with clearing houses in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Kenya. Good times.

So when the banks foreclosure mills were blocked, and they went to outside sources to kick you to the curb in order to fraudulently dispossess you of your property, they threw you in front of the courts to probate your estate.

You see, all these courts are privately owned trading companies. The United States district courts are all owned...those are your article one courts. They're all owned by the united States attorney's executive offices out of Washington DC which is a privately owned corporation.

They're article one legislative tribunals. They're not courts. They have a DUNS number, they have a pit code, sip code, NAICS number (North America Identification Security Classification). You have to have that number in order to trade internationally. All these courts are registered with the DOD, Department of Defense. They have a DUNS number which is Data Universal Numbering System. That's a Dun & Bradstreet. You have to be registered with CCR, Contractors Central registration under the DOD.

They have another department called the DLIS, Defense Logistics Information Service. The DLIS issues a case code that's spelled CAGE, Commercial And Government Entity which corresponds to the bank account. They have a bank account. They take everything that you file into the court and they securitize it, and all these banks are registered, they have a depository agreement, a security agreement and an escrow agreement.

Most of them are registered with the Federal Reserve bank of New York city. And they use what they call...North Carolina uses a circular 16, they use as their depository agreement. They take public funds and they deposit them under a depository resolution agreement. And they have a security agreement which the clerk of the courts signs with the bank. And they have an escrow agent that acts as the go-between the federal reserve bank that they have the account with...so all these courts are taking your money and funneling it into an escrow account. Most of them are in New York.

There's 60 trillion dollars of your money in the federal reserve bank of New York City and they've told the courts not to rule against the banks on these foreclosure cases.

What these lawyers are doing is acting as private debt collectors. And under the Debt Collectors Practices Act, its called the FDCPA and its title 15 section 1692 when you're a public debt collector you have to be registered with the government, and you have to have a license and you have to have a bond in order to collect debt.

Well these attorneys are what you call private debt collectors they are exempted by the BAR association on that provision,
but their firm is not. The firm they work for has to be registered and they have to have a license and a bond and they don't.

All these court cases that people have been involved in, these attorneys are acting as private debt collectors. And what they're doing is collecting money from you as private debt collectors
and they're not licensed or bonded to do that.

They are doing this through what they call Warrant of Attorney. Black's law dictionary of 1856 defines a warrant of an attorney is like a writ of execution. Its like a put or a call in the world of securities. When you do a marching call that means they use it to buy equity securities. (Cause they securitize everything that you file into court) which means they turn it into a negotiable instrument. Then they sell it as a commercial item. They call them distressed debt, these debt collectors.

That is what Unifund is, they come in and buy up all these court judgments as distressed debt. Then they put them into hedge funds and they sell them to investors globally. And of course when you get into selling debt instruments you're creating a security risk. Anytime you get into risk management you have to have re-insurance. That's where Luer Hermes comes in they're an underwriting company. And they're a sub division of Alliance SE out of Munich Germany, they're the US agency that acts as a bond holder for Alliance SE who in turn is PIMCO bonds who takes all your securities, they pool them, and that's what they do on these fake mortgage loans after they trigger foreclosures to reinstate a new depreciation write off, they were never entitled to in the first place.

If you go to title 15 section 77 A b 1 it tells you that any note with a maturity of more than 9 months is a security by legal definition and an investment contract. So when you sign and indorse these notes as the drawer and the maker you're in an investment contract, you gave them a security. They take the security and they securitize it. As soon as they securitize it and indorse it for payment, they've securitized it. The loan is no longer secured.

They've collapsed the trust and there's no corpus in the trust under probate law. PIMCO takes the mortgage backed security pools over and sells them as bonds. So bonds actually come from pooled securities. And they sell these on the TBA market globally. And all these courts are involved in that with a new S.E.C.U.R.E software system owned by the counties whom also get a kickback for recording fraudulent deeds upon title.

The only time you can stop them is when you make them liable and that's what we have been doing.

Means that @DisLeague is fixing to whip up some letters rogatory which is a letter of instruction under the Hague convention under title 18 section 1781 and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 28 B under a 10b5 SEC attorney enjoiner. We intend to tell these courts they are indeed contracting with us as third party incidentals whom are liable under the IRS rules to where these claims we are showing you how to do, become their debt owed to us…

In layman's terms… BITE US and you WILL be bitten back. Those whom participated do NOT get a get out of jail free card. PERIOD!



As we continue to refine and draft this LIBEL OF REVIEW & BID PROTEST under F.R.C.P. 17. let us give you a taste of a some of our cases we intend to bring forth under USA @DISLEAGUE v. SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY in re: COLLATERAL DAMAGAGES BID PROTEST
Questions before the courts in re:
  • In Re: (Exhibit 1) Where does the pay for the Judges of the Federal District Court come if MERS is cutting checks through the Clerk of the County Circuit Courts? See: 26 USC §§ 7214 and 7433).
  • Why are the Notices of Lien “Under Revenue Laws” not signed, but stamped for a third party?
  • Since when are warranty deeds of conveyances mortgages?

And since @DisLeague has also discovered the Bureau of Land Management holds a death list on land owners holding usage rights -
click here for the Bundy interview perhaps CONGRESS you would like to share these lists with the general public in that they can properly take what ever means necessary to defend themselves.

Mr President, members of Congress, You need to understand that @DisLeague has been in review of some pretty hard corse "collateral" cases in this ongoing aftermath of prolonged mortgage tax evasion scheme, but this one is pretty high up there. This case has multiple attempted murders, multiple death threats in addition to severe emotional duress., but what is most heart felt, is the sentiment expressed in just how it fees to be fraudulently dispossessed. This man went from a multi million dollar mansion to living in an 800 SQFT apartment, and while the value of this home really makes no difference as to whether it is $25k-$10M it comes down to just how sever the impact of this pre-meditated mortgage crisis impacted us as a Nation. @DisLeague now issues a personal challenge to the President of these United States and to CONGRESS - WE DARE YOU to read this to see if you have the stomach to fess up to these crimes against humanity that have plagued our lands for far too long. His opening brief is something we may have to incorporate to show the people a proper format for their own personal stories as an example to draw upon… The people know that we are not attorneys, we are a discovery league.

And even though he wished to remain off the internet, @DisLeague believes that there is not one of us who cannot connect to his declarations for closure.

This case has been moved to the State Capital



Dear United Nations - Lets have a chat...


On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Representatives from
The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners were at the Santa Ana Riverbed where we learned Albert Joy, one of your representatives was on site. We are sorry we missed him, as we would have loved to had a chat about how Camp Hope came to be at the Riverbed and why it was being treated as a concentration camp. You see, there are three court cases that hold very important information within. One is with Mrs Cindy Brown, an Olympian Gold Medalist current active case, one is with Billie Powers current active case and one is with Faith Brasher a buried case by a federal judge to coverup the activities of the state judge, the banks and the county charters,

The reason these cases collectively are so important, is that they outline the S.E.C.U.R.E. computer system through whom the counties of Riverside, Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles hold ownership interest in. This S.E.C.U.R.E. system is used by the federalized banking industry underlings though Shelf corporations under Service Link whom in turn record "upon accommodation" fabricated deeds, fraudulent notices of default, fraudulent notices of sales, and fraudulent assignments, all of which contain notary frauds and bar codes linked to Core Logic.

Once these dirty deeds are recorded they are filtered through the courts via a MERS attorney rolodex that matches the salvage attorney to the case by level of perceived difficulty. These attorneys then go into court holding zero subject matter jurisdiction in violation of RULE 11 because they never authenticate the documents they submit, as they are fabricated for their use upon their arrival. The majority of these court cases are being filtered through the head justice in Riverside County Daniel Otellio, whom holds a vested interest in the outcome of these cases through First Team Real Estate. To which we have provided to the Criminal division of the Internal Revenue Service a list of over 3000 REO properties being filtered through the country recorders office through roaming ip addresses, one even from a laundry mat.

We have also provided the list of REO Mrs. Brashear's bank witness whom professed before a judge direct knowledge of a completely different tax exempt special purpose vehicle than the one suspended upon the Securities and Exchange commission enacted a mock auction upon and threw her before a UD. Court all of which was deemed heresy until a planted juror approached her witness to through a mis-trial. Mrs. Brashear BTW was beaten in her home prior to an illegal eviction via an illegal writ of possession under the direction of the head justice to make it appear as if she had abandon her property, none of her arguments were heard as the courts would not allow her access to a court call to defend her motions after the bruises that are documented upon her site ensued.
click here to view.
Now Mrs Brashear site holds a link to a "Total Recall" petition to which over 250 signatures to date have been registered through change.org.
click here to view to which were Circulated to over 50 media outlets and served to the courts intake department by outside advocates to the courtroom itself. (Whom now wish to be made anonymous as to what they witness therein). This petition, though it was properly submitted is being blocked by the Registry of Voters, to which if you look at Judge Irma Poole Ashby (The judge whom held a jury trial upon triable issues, declared it a mistrial, slapped Mrs. Brashear's expert witness, set a new trial upon triable issues, then allowed an untimely stipulation by opposing council (replaced after she
to whom in turn declared what she had earlier dismissed as heresy - was absolute fact before the courts. When challenged to swear under oath that what she was adjudicating was absolute truth, she stated that she, as a judge, did not have to do so.
This is what she submitted to the courts to which was shared with opposing council. HIPPA violations much?
Reported to the courts that she was threatoned

Thing is, according to her
OATH OF OFFICE she does, and if you look closely you will see that the Registry of Voters signed off on her oath. Yes the same Registry of Voters blocking that recall petition.

Neither that head justice or the Federal Judge who buried the case, do NOT hold a valid oath of office, therefor they are currently impersonating a judge, though we are certain that they will get one backdated to try and absolve themselves. oh #Snapchat that's right the head justice was appointed by Governor
@Schwarzenegger (The same "terminator" who signed off on SBX-211) See Sturgeon vs. County of L.A. giving them retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action if someone is coming before them paying them graft bribes. Way to go Arnie…

Thing is…
Title 42 of the United States Code is the United States Code dealing with public health, social welfare, and civil rights. more specifically Title 42 U.S. Code § 12202 - State immunity Current through Pub. L. 114-38 . (See Public Laws for the current Congress ). states quite clearly - A State shall not be immune under the eleventh amendment to the Constitution of the United States from an action in[1] Federal or State court of competent jurisdiction for a violation of this chapter. In any action against a State for a violation of the requirements of this chapter, remedies (including remedies both at law and in equity) are available for such a violation to the same extent as such remedies are available for such a violation in an action against any public or private entity other than a State. (Pub. L. 101–336, title V, §502, July 26, 1990, 104 Stat. 370 )

Mrs. Brashear is a volunteer Federal witness holding hidden disabilities through which her ADA advocate is Mrs Cynthia Brown. Mrs Brown exposed the roaming ip addresses which can be located upon Mrs Brashear's case. Meaning this falls under under 42 U.S. Code § 12203 - Prohibition against retaliation and coercion

(a) Retaliation… No person shall discriminate against any individual because such individual has opposed any act or practice made unlawful by this chapter or because such individual made a charge, testified, assisted, or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing under this chapter. (yeah fabricating evidence and falsifying testimony BIG NO NO)

(b) Interference, coercion, or intimidationIt shall be unlawful to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his or her having exercised or enjoyed, or on account of his or her having aided or encouraged any other individual in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right granted or protected by this chapter. (Threatening a volunteer federal witness in a court of law- #breakthelaw much?)

@Schwarzenegger Your boy Danny is going down.

US vs. Adams CA bribery statues 18 USC 1436 a judge cannot take a payment, Article 6 Clause 2 Section 19 of the US Constitution says that the state judges MUST follow federal law. Yet 30 of the 58 counties make illegal payments to the judges and accounts were set up so that federalized banking idiot attorneys could pull dirty realtors into court in exchange for the listing for the more assertive homeowners. This particular bank witness in Mrs. Brashear's case not only did so without disclosing he was a broker (just a bank appraiser), he has conducted so much business with the head justices courts that an account could be verified as "Bank of New York Mellon". The Bank Mrs Powers brought suit against.

Under Cannon 3E2 it clearly states a judge by law HAS TO DISCLOSE anything that might be relevant to the case, regardless if they think its relevant or not. When called to the table the head justice surrounded himself with opposing council of Mrs. Brashear case to defend the judge by saying that doing real estate on the side was not illegal. A list of over 100 REO's filleted to this banks witness was also submitted to the criminal division of the IRS.

Under Cannon 3E1 a judge must disqualify themselves if you are violating the law. None of the judges at the state would recluse, nor would the Federal Judge Terrance Hatter whom buried these activities to an older case warning of a false claims attempt - later executed by the same non-bank servicer whom proclaimed to the CFPB had no interest in the loan, yet proclaimed they were the original lender to a 1.5 Million dollar loss.

Under CCP 170.1A6 (iii) any reasonable person who believes you cannot be objective means you are OUT… to which again, they refused to do. in turn means they themselves committed fraud upon the courts by continuing to adjudicate upon matters of partnership interests which fall into Federal Jurisdiction . So under 473 D WE THE PEOPLE thereby can VOID all these decisions, why… Because any court that renders any judgment holding a vested income in the outcome of these cases, are void.

Mrs Brown reported the roaming ip address to the secret service- to where they have yet to bring forth charges against the county charters whom are supposed to be overseeing such matters as preventing the Coroner Sherifs from duel roles. Though we do hold proof that MERS is cutting direct checks to the Sheriffs department against the very homes the federalized banking industry holds no authority to foreclosure upon. Wow breach the peace much officers…

THIS is why Camp Hope exists. Because these people have been fraudulently dispossess from their estate to which is being embezzled by the courts, through the counties software to where the courts receive kickbacks based upon the number of people they can kick out by misuse of sheriffs force.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVsEjDqCRnw - Mrs Brown is still in her home which holds the identity theft of an olympic gold medalist whom has devoted her life to fighting for the Civil rights of the American People. Watch out because, she comes from a long family line of Civil Rights advocates. Mrs Powers was a part of the California 18 though whom even
@KamalaHarris is weary of, and Faith Brashear is an original direct source of ongoing mortgage crimes in the Inland Empire who beta tested "the system" for Wells Fargo in 1997 before it was rolled out, worked for Countrywide and Bank of America before being let go for her cooperation with the IRS to investigate these ongoing crimes against humanity. She is attached to a multitude of subprime lenders and holds a Fannie Mae 911 subsidy 1099 issued to her under the ruse of a national mortgage settlement as the original lender.
(Inverse condemnation much Congress?) And since Bank of America willingly block Mrs Brashear's business accounts from an IRS audit conducted two states away to which she was judicially removed of her attorney in the IRS tax courts when she raised this fact.

We would love to have you take a look over the Criminal Division of the IRS shoulders for us, as we put forth specific requests for the proper IRS forms these federalized banking industry idiots needed to comply with, but did not.

No one is immune from the IRS… so help them help us by making sure they actually do their job. Care to comment #Congress? How about you #MrPresident @realdonaldtrump wanna know about the Clinton Foundations and how the Bush administration ties in. Those darn Y2k kids… HEY Get off our lawns… here have a voucher…

As for the UN… @Dislegue was wondering why the UN os setting up hidden refugee camps in these homeless camps… lets chat shall we?

How to File Claims and Request Discoveries

https _blogs-images.forbes.com_robertwood_files_2015_03_117.jpg?width=960

First and foremost this is a volunteer service. We feel that @DisLeague is being pretty up front and in your face about EXACTLY what we think of this premeditated #Mortgage #Crisis shoved down our throats. We are pretty certain the are those out there, across these lands who feel just a bit more than put out by this noise. In fact we have listened to stories of people being beaten, raped, and dragged out by their hair from their homes. We have interviewed patents who's children were thrown into foster care, and we have walked through tent cities and spoken to those whom are living out of their cars. @DisLeague has tried endlessly to voice our opinions to many of our Congressmen and Woman through varies organization's, @DisLeague has made requests through various organizations to speak with our Attorney Generals, whom are in the know of what we are sharing here on this site. AND @DisLeague has lost members to murders, attempted murders, home invasions, threats upon our families and friends, been held at gunpoint, and been beaten for the information that we hold. Frankly, we are done talking.

This is a call to action, a wakeup call if you will that shows the AMERICAN PUBLIC what they need to do to not just #TakeAKnee but to #TakeAStand!
The Saint "V" #MassInCure #BidProtest is being launched as a #Valentinesday event to kick off this year with some much needed change. If you, or someone you know have been fraudulently dispossessed from their estate (be mindful of these words, because your home was never your home) then #ShareTheLove and let them know, they are NOT alone in this fight, nor will they be left behind.

Regulation YY requires a foreign banking institution to establish what is called an "IHC" or intermediate holding company. Many of these Pass-Through Grantor Trusts were underwritten by Deutchebank Securities to which U.S. non-branch assets are measured as an average of the amount reported quarterly under 12 CFR 252.152 through whom must be granted exceptions under 12 CFR 252.153(c)(1)-(2) to hold our assets under a REMIC outside of such holding companies under Delaware statutory regulations. They have no business purpose other than issuing the Hybrid Capital SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicles known as REMICI REMICII and REMICIII under these Pass-Through Grantor Trusts other than issuing the Hybrid Capital instruments and have ZERO assets or liabilities other than those related to such instruments. Ocala Funding Litigation trust is a "Litigation Trust" in which Deautche Bank's London branch holds beneficial interests.

Thing is Ocala Funding is an asset backed commercial paper conduit that filed for bankruptcy in 2012 under a chapter 11 outlining that Deutsche Bank would not be able to transfer its beneficial interest in the Litigation Trust to the Deutche Back IHC without the consent of the US Bankruptcy courts. What this means is that ANY intellectual property being foreclosed upon after 2012 would not have qualified as a transfer outside of an IHC without the consent of the US Bankruptcy courts.

The United States Trustee Program is the component of the Department of Justice responsible for overseeing the administration of bankruptcy cases and private trustees under 28 U.S.C.
§ 586 and 11 U.S.C. § 101, et seq. Which either means that the DOJ themselves have been actively engaged in the aiding and abetting of tax evasion, or that these lower level mafia wannabe's are acting sue sponte. Let's find out shall we?

What these claims are doing, is letting these industry idiots know, we know your system, we know how deeply integrated the MERS computer system goes, and we are quite capable to bringing this noise to a standstill until proper safeguards are put back to protect the safety and welfare of the people of OUR Nation!

#ClichShare and #ShareTheLove ot

#MassInCure you are the talk of our Nation


Welcome to the Saint "V" #MassInCure #NewDay where advocates from across this nation are invited to participate in a Bid Protest against the Federalized Banking Industry where #WeThePeople will be able to actively participate in filing claims to get their homes back.

If you have been a victim of foreclosure abuse through legal abuse the you are definitely in the right place!
Within these pages you will learn what REALLY went down under the ruse of a #Mortgage #Crisis. Ya Failed to mention to #WeThePeople that this was all premeditated Tax Evasion aint that right @NatMortgageNews?

Too bad #WeThePeople are waking up to your nonsense. There is a new League in town holding an Army of Ex-Men and Ex-Woman you tried to bury. @DisLeague had endured beatings, murders, family murders, attempted murders, home invasions, RAIDS, and family threats in attempts to bury us alive. (Wish we were kidding about that). What can we say, payback is a #itch we have been undying to scratch.

What @DisLeague is doing #FREELY is assisting those whom have been abused by this ill begotten system called MERS. #CLICKSHARE to find out how to take back your home…

Here is OUR Fine Print….. This is a bid protest under a notice of intent to sue the United States of America for enabling the infringements upon our inalienable rights for the reimplementation of Safeguards to PROPERLY protect the people of this nation.

We The People are no longer going to tolerate these abuses of the color of law inter alia, 18 US Code §§ 241 & 242 as one of the ORIGINAL SOURCE LAW Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886) U.S. 356. We The People are NOT Straw Men and Women whose use of our signatures has been forged on our behalves. We the People did not authorize the Federalized, now monopolized Banking Industry (See American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co. 213 U.S. 347 (1909)) to engage us their partnership interest to infringement of our Rights (See Rafael v. Verelst, 2 Wm.Bl 983, 1055) by misuse of Sherifs force through courts which are NOT ordained at Article III Section 1 of the Constitution whom hold EIN Vested Interest in the outcome of our cases under letters of Marque to deny We the People of Due Process.

To have Federal Judges under matters of law at 15 US Code 78 aa attempt to cover up third party graft bribes through judicial favors is an act of treason against the people of this nation. To have a State Court practice law from the bench is guilty of high misdemeanor Under US Code Title 18 §454. The Magistrates whom actively engage in such activities have in fact violated their Oath of Office at 11th Amendment to where We the People maintain ALL of the rights Afforded to them, inter alia, our Bill of Rights and the 11th Amendment, as a matter of law. Courts are NOT ordained at Article III Section 1 of the constitution in opposition to the law!

These activities fall under US Code Title 18 § 4 and to whereby The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners are obligated to report the crimes committed to the authorities to be Served by SIGTARP through our #MassInCure Protest Bid to the President of the United States of America and backed by @DisLeauge proposal of a PEOPLES Amicus Curiae. @DisLeague is in the process of County research that may be used as a basis for discovery and will be expanded into other states by example. We expect to find a minimum 60% (county) court employee benefit system in mortgage and intellectual asset back securities, other bank and financial products ties to mortgage and intellectual asset back securities in addition to vested invest in Real Estate Companies in exchange for judicial favors in clear violation of 28 US Code §1443 whom are acting under color of authority derived from any law providing for equal rights, or refusing to do any act on the ground that it would be inconsistent with such law, 28 US Code§1443, Title 42 UD Code §§§ 1983, 1985, 1988 [US Code Title 18 §§ 241 and 242, implicated.

A Powerful Testimony

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 1.12.17 PM

Powers v. The Bank of New York Mellon et al·Thursday, February 8, 2018

Our family home, estate and lives have been stolen. As the helicopter above bull horned for all in the house to come out with hands up, it was evident they were prepared to shoot. With assault weapons and what appears to have been several different departments involved, the OC Sheriffs, helicopter, multiple unmarked rental cars full of men in civilian clothing and bullet proof vests, militarized team to clear the house...and all as they locked us out of our home...here is a little of our story. (the attachments are on the website:
DECLARATION OF Billie Rene’ Frances Lillian Powers


The Saint "V" #MassInCure Protest Bid

Trust = Love

We will be posting shortly on how to file Your Claims and get Proper Discoveries. This is a protest for our right for our own Housing Crisis Cure. We should not have to be forced out of our homes by Mis-Use of Sheriffs force just so that the Judge, the DA and his Real Estate buddies get a kick back while the #Banksters get a Free home. We are putting in our Claims for a long overdue owed debt to society, and we will be posting shortly on just HOW to do so… Stay Tuned…

Contract Exposed

exposed Under these Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in uniform with MERS warranty deeds of conveyance , understand that when a borrower irrevocable transfers into a TRUST they automatically fall under a government system of accounting of an involuntary conversion to income. Your initial Deed of Trust is called an Election of Action and that Form 3005 (3006…3007… etc. depending on the State) to which these idiots - in order to claim it’s a security instrument, have to attach Form S-3 Registration Statement under the Securities Act of 1933 where they receive what is called an OMB Approval with an OMB number. This falls under 12 CFR 27.1 - Scope and OMB control number. The Office of Management and Budget aka largest office within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Same place that is in charge of President's Budget ain't that right Mickey? To which these contracts create involuntary conversion which fall under 26 U.S. Code § 1231 - Property used in the trade or business and involuntary conversions (4) Special rules (b) Definition of property used in the trade or business (C) a patent, invention, model or design (whether or not patented), a secret formula or process, a copyright.

A REMIC is a Real Estate Investment Conduit loan. The PRELIMINARY STATEMENT of the classification REMIC’s under a Mortgage Loan Trust’s, Pooling and Servicing Agreements states on Page 7 ¶4 the following “The Securities Administrator shall elect that each of REMIC I, REMIC II and REMIC III, be treated as a REMIC under US 26 Section 860D of the Code. Any inconsistencies or ambiguities in this Agreement or in the administration of this Agreement shall be resolved in a manner that preserves the validity of such REMIC elections.”

REMIC I represents the pooled loans under certain Classifications, and the claimed REO properties and/or proceeds. Therein identified as the Deutsch Alt-A Securities Inc, Mortgage Loan Trust, Mortgage Pass-through Certificate Series 2007-OA4 herein referred to as “Classification REMIC I”. The pooled loans are classified under a Tiered System and labeled T1-T2-T3 which in turn corresponds to an attached Class of Certificate, or Component offering.

REMIC II constitutes the alleged assets of REMIC I - This REMIC holds the address of property in a freehold status, for the use of the estate as the bonding mechanism for the securitization process as an Accretion Directed Class.

REMIC III constitutes Regular Interests of the assets of REMIC II and is considered the “Master” REMIC. This would be a consumer’s monthly payments to a sub-servicer who in turn passes it through to the Master Servicer of REMIC III who in turn issues dividends and interest payments to the Certificate Holders of the Mortgage Loan Trust Classification REMIC I on behalf of The Mortgage Loan Trust.

There are timeframes that are laid out in order to properly securitize a transaction. So lets break this down under the IRS Codes.. shall we… They have 20 days to assign the Deed of Trust, they did not. They had 21 days to report their interests in the Estate under 26 U.S. Code § 1445 - Withholding of tax on dispositions of United States real property interests, they did not. They had 90 days to transfer the note into the REMIC I, they did not. They had 90 days to file Form 8594, Asset Acquisition Statement Under Section 1060 into REMIC II, they did not.

Meaning they are not eligible for the tax credit.

There is a four year Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
statue of limitations to enforce a contract Code of Civil Procedure - CCP PART 2. OF CIVIL ACTIONS [307 - 1062.20] ( Part 2 enacted 1872. ) TITLE 2. OF THE TIME OF COMMENCING CIVIL ACTIONS [312 - 366.3] ( Title 2 enacted 1872. )
  CHAPTER 3. The Time of Commencing Actions Other Than for the Recovery of Real Property [335 - 349.4] ( Chapter 3 enacted 1872. ) Section 337.

And there is a 6 year California Code, Commercial Code - COM § 3118 to enforce a promissory note now noted upon the Notices of default as installment loans which became due upon the termination of the REMIC itself. (Fun Fact on these TaDa documents Many were called due on Sundays -Monday trading day abroad system glitch - no banks are open on Sundays in the state - idiots)

To which we know that these REMIC's were seasoned for a year upon the securities and exchange commission before termination/ suspension under a 15k report. The court in Cal-Western Bus. Services Inc v. Corning Capital Group, 2013 WL5936628 (Cal. App. Dist. 2, Nov. 6, 20113) held that a plaintiff who was assigned rights to a judgment had no right to sue on the judgement, because the assignor was a suspended corporation at the time of the assignment. The Court reasoned that a suspended corporation lacks capacity to enforce a judgement and/or maintain a lawsuit. BAM!Bottom of Form

There are IRS RULES that Must be followed to enact a foreclosure which are outlined under Title 24 Part 27 Subpart B- Nonjudicial Foreclosures of Single Family Mortgages. And NOW because they are blocking you from due process and discoveries that this is tracking up the the white house… This falls under 18 U.S.C. § 3731 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 3731. Appeal by United States otherwise known by United States v. Mersky Et Al. An appeal by the United States shall lie to a court of appeals from a decision or order of a district court suppressing or excluding evidence or requiring the return of seized property in a criminal proceeding, not made after the defendant has been put in jeopardy and before the verdict or finding on an indictment or information, if the United States attorney certifies to the district court that the appeal is not taken for purpose of delay and that the evidence is a substantial proof of a fact material in the proceeding.

Herein lies the Tax Evasion…

REMIC loans fall under 26 U.S. Code § 856 - Definition of real estate investment trust. The REMIC is required to fill out a tax return to treat the REMIC as a Real Estate Investment Trust. In order for it to qualify for an Investment Trust in order to get the tax credit. Before they can foreclose upon any property they have to file a statement Under Treasury Regulation 1.856-6 et seq. to treat the property as foreclosure property. The reason is when you foreclose upon a property, it creates taxable income because it is a disposition of property that creates taxable income. This is why the by law are required to file this statement in order to qualify the property as a foreclosure property. If they do not do this, it is called a "prohibited transaction". And under 26 U.S. Code § 4975 - Tax on prohibited transactions which under section (a) There is a 15% tax penalty per year which must be paid by any disqualified person who participates in the prohibited transaction (other than a fiduciary acting only as such) Further under section (b) In any case in which an initial tax is imposed by subsection (a) and the transaction is not corrected within the taxable period, there is hereby imposed a tax equal to 100 percent of the amount involved. The tax imposed by this subsection shall be paid by any disqualified person who participated in the prohibited transaction (other than a fiduciary acting only as such) if it was not done within the taxable Period, which was 90 days.

So YOU as the SOLE BENEFICIARY can simply asking for a certificate of release. AKA a Relief of lien or Reconveyance in a show of good faith, to which they ignored. If they do not give a Relief of lien upon a notified request within 30 days… then we blow the whistles. To which those whom have done this, have had their cases sealed. Why, because this is money that they are withholding from the United States.

Because if you go under the Forfeiture and seizures manual section 9-71 under Rule C. In Rem Actions: Special Provisions it addresses the Admiralty & Maritime Rules in the Federal District court under 28 U.S. Code § 1333 - Admiralty, maritime and prize cases, the only court that holds such jurisdiction of law. 751 is an Article 3 court Under the Suits and Admiralty Act Which Title 46 section 781-792 741-751 Suits in Admiralty Act to where the United States has consented to be sued in Admiralty. The other one is the 46 U.S. Code Chapter 311 - Suits Involving Public Vessels to where the United States has also consented to be sued. Because under FRCP Rule 14. Third-Party Plaintiff to where the Judges and the District Attorneys can be sued by YOU as a third party plaintiff In REM In PERSONA under Rule B. In Personam Actions: Attachment and Garnishment and Rule E. Actions in Rem and Quasi in Rem: General Provisions Special Bond to where you can now press Arrests. Why? Because they issue a recognizance bond aka an undertaking bond which is why California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1030 permits a defendant to seek an order requiring an out-of-state plaintiff to post an undertaking to cover costs and recoverable fees. REMIC's are simply put…. are foreign vessels to our lands.

Treasury holds you Birth Bond funding (Collector holding that backdoor Usurp being stolen from us) IRS(accountant), the Federal Reserve Bank (Target Bank or pass through warehouse lender) sets up a fund where the money for the transaction for the (Source Bank) aka the borrower… Meaning they are borrowing money from YOUR trust account at the Federal Reserve Bank to which was used to fund the loan. Meaning the was no loan. You are funded into your Social Security Bond referenced upon your birth certificate as File # _______ - Year of birth and a bar code at the bottom, which is used just like a check bar code.

So what you have here is intellectual human trafficking via money laundering for the purpose of tax evasion.

Means they violated United States Statutes at Large

Dispossessed at Gun Point MERS Exposed


Every family has stories of home, this story tells of just how far they are willing to go to cover up the Truth. Mrs. Powers home was stolen at gun point by the Orange County Sheriffs, via a Swat Team on September 21, 2017. This happened as a result of an illegal foreclosure. The Foreclosure paperwork, to which is auto filed through the MERS "System" whom in turn contracted a salvage attorney, filed identity theft and fraud upon the court. Powers is not going to go away, give up or give in. She is in it to win it and so is the Powers Sledgehammer of Justice Team! The Bank of New York Mellon/SPS/QLS/BOFA and their RICO will not win this one. The estate nor land is for sale or up for GRAND LARCENY! Law of voids you darn crooks,, your days are numbered.

The judge says being homeless is compensable. The first million is the hardest. https://weputthelimeinthecoconut.weebly.com/compensable-act…

#PowersVtheBankOfNewYorkMellonetal #endillegalforeclosure #returnstolenhomes #righttoproperty #judgeSledgehammerCarter #BONYMspsQLSbofaStealingEstates

This is what the wholesale Mortgage Broker Agreements Countrywide Granted looked like.

Exhibit U-CW wholesale-broker agreement

This is what an internal Audit of the MERS tracking system looks like and how it works with the banks Attorney Foreclosure Manuals - This information is deemed confidential. Problem being, we have the whistleblower auditor on our team. We also have members of our league on Mrs. Powers Case. This audit clearly shows how the MERS tracking system works.




Can You Sue the Government for Negligence? Let's Find Out Shall We?

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.49.20 AM
Let's find out shall we? Like Share Retweet! Pass it on...

This is an attached notice of intent to sue the USA in a bid protest.

This request does not violate any policies or procedures, it is not false advertising, it is years of intensive research and development. The promotion of such an act would bring much needed healing back into our nation, including but not limited to a support structure for victims of the mortgage crisis, a reverse engineer of wrongfully seized bank properties. T

There is no simple was to explain the mechanics of the system implemented to remove millions of innocents from their properties. But I will try. Dis League going in under a bid protest to the Government as what is essentially a foreclosure review committee replacing Reg X and Reg Z to re-purpose distressed properties for reconstitution

We offer the federalized banking industry (though congressional consent) the opportunity to advantage the Dominion of Loss principle by allowing them to swap in deficit (treasury junk assets) back into the terminated REMIC as a long overdue debt repayment to society at large, only we use the Dominion of Loss Principles because this falls under Dispossession laws would allow us to legally reduce the deficit by 2/3 because these federalized banking industry idiots manipulated the index that controls the worlds currency.

Because they did this, the effect on a value exchange 1.00 USD = 0.659884 behind the scenes each time they did manipulated Retirement SWAPS, repeatedly! The overall effect reduced our currency values down to 1/3 what they were worth prior to 1999 (dereg Y2k implement system era)

Meaning there is currently 2/3 of a deficit that is off budget because of these on going manipulations. Meaning in reality we are only 6 trillion in debt - not 20 trillion (hostile takeover much) and in reality, because these certificates which were traded internationally and manipulated under the LIBOR to control the payout to the investors - these certificates can now be swapped in and reverse engineered through what we propose through a Amicus curiae.


The process is administrative. Meaning they take their future value on a swap in - it gets reduced under the diminutive of loss principles under a article V congressional calling to adjust the 16th amendment - by implementing new safeguards between the federal agencies and the state agencies for the protection of the people in order to preserve Constitutions integrity which has been compromised by this revision.

Since the right of reinstatement of the Asset is actually zero (duel tracking full write off zero doc transfer from REMIC II - REMIC I of intellectually held property) the people can transfer the property at that ZERO. The interceded debt these idiots created as a freehold use of our estate can take the full loss of the future value under this principle (3 times more) by NOT implementing illegal foreclosures via mutual cooperation, while we reduce the debt by 1/3 to re-attach it to the property (aka fair market value).

Meaning The PEOPLE would only owe, after the novation process, capital gains against the novation that reverse engineers the process, not the properties to which will be returned to the beneficiaries AKA the Pass-through Grantors - AKA We the People upon completion.

There literally is no down side to this for anyone. They literally cannot say no, because it is in the best interest of the Nation as a whole to follow it through.

Further.. It removes these cover-up grafts substantially AND because these lower level crooks failed to follow the IRS rules, we get to sick the IRS watch dogs on their underlings (whom I suspect they would eagerly throw them under the bus) which in turn gets these jerks off WE THE PEOPLE's backs and in jail - which increases the revenue directly to the IRS to which the Federlized Banking Industry can stop paying these low lives to beat on us. Hefty penalties for tax evasion include up to 30 years. (This is not personal, it is just business)

They will have to figure out who their internal escape goats are their own selves, but most likely the turn tail settlements will be substantial payouts and forced retirements if not government seizure of all their assets. (one can hope). Most likely they will hit the ones already in jail to increase their sentences for whistleblowing on them in the first place.

And for the record, there is no immunity on treason under Article 3 section 3 of the US Constitution because Congress can declare it as an exception to the The Eleventh Amendment to remove the limit on federal subject matter jurisdiction, and Congress can override it by statute pursuant to the § 5 enforcement power of the Fourteenth Amendment to overhaul the 16th…

The implementation of programs that can be brought forth under a new novation desiged as a safeguard for the people would allow proper state funding for programs such as - the Recovery next door program. Hotel Conversion to apartments for low income section 8, renovations builds for disabled veterans ect.

We are not something to be feared, unless you were one of these lower level idiots whom engaged in these acts under non presidential "orders from above". They simply did not comply with the IRS codes to legally be able to sieze the estates under non presidential Federal Repossession Orders.

So what this does is it removes those whom have been harming us under aiding and abetting tax evasion. It pulls the Charters in line, and it allows proper foreclosing procedures to ensure where necessary.


Out of the Closet


Many of you already know me. For those who do not, I am Faith Brashear. I have been a front line advocate for many years against this premeditated Mortgage Crisis which started of with a beta test of the MERS system back in 1997 and an implementation of this ill conceived system. I am the face of this League whom intends to kick down the doors that have been slammed in our face for way too long. While I hold strong Religious beliefs, I do not impose them on others.

That is not what this league is about.

We are about defending our basic human rights under the Human Rights Act 1998 to which here in America, we are losing them. This league is the result of a 7 month on-line Jericho March to where I have had the privilege and honor of meeting those to whom @realDonaldTrump calls "Grit". Fallen men and women cast into the streets, abused raped and pillaged only to be buried by corrupt appointed officials whom have been aiding and abetting civil racketeering, money laundering, and human trafficking in exchange for third party graft bribes to ensure that our due process rights would forever be stripped from us. This League is dedicated to making right the wrongs that have been done to us, and while we can never make any of us whom have suffered so egregiously whole, will will FIGHT like never before to make things right.

This is an American CALL TO ACTION to help Right the wrongs trickled down upon us. @ACLU says they do not hold the knowledge to fight the complexities of such a battle, other support groups have run against blocks set in place as #OrdersfromAbove to deter us from our rights to #DueProcess of law.

Today we launch a NEW @HRC with a league of #Auditors and we WILL show this #StateofOurUnion how its done. It is time for all of these other so called support leagues to PUT UP, or SHUT up and get out of our way. Because Dis-Leauge's got BACK! Hey not our fault you gave us a loophole in that December 20th Executive Order from the President. His words, not ours, in that he would side with us - The AMERICAN PEOPLE. His words not ours, that he has enabled Congress to hold these Federal Judges to their #OATHOFOFFICE . His words not ours, that those whom have harmed the AMERICAN PEOPLE, would be removed. So Fine @USCongressTwts #PROVEIT.

YOUR ATTORNEY GENERALS WILL EXPLAIN THEMSELVES as to why Coroners are acting as Sheriffs in these lock out embezzlement in violation of the Leauge of Charters to where we will need access to their funding as to why County Charters are breaching the peace.... Further You WILL have these BAR trustees who FAILED to comply with Internal Revenue Form 8549 Asset Acquisition Statement under Internal Revenue Code 1060 as an acting Fiduciary to these empty REMICs to which non bank servicers are now holding Powers of Attorney when they have been Terminated/Suspended for years @SEC_News ‏

You WILL have the UD Courts provide to us their Payee Data Forms as well as their Undertaking Bonds to see if they in fact complied with core logics #IRS GAP regulations.

BTW we are enjoying the title reviews of the CA 18 in addition to several wrongful foreclosures ordered directly by this particular head justice whom holds a vested interest with @FirstTeamRE ‏ we have a spreadsheet of transactions conducted via their UD REO listings and who actively gave a listing to #REOJOE to fabricate evidence and falsify testimony of a fellow CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®​ broker. We would like to know Who's paw prints exactly are embedded upon her bruised arm.

PER ORDERS FROM ABOVE - YOU WILL COMPLY with these requests! We will be in touch shortly.