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Nov 2018



Exactly which Constitution are we under again? They have allowed the centralized banking industry manipulate both the LIBOR and ISDAfix index while dealing OPEC Petro Dollars to fund and force fake wars to cover these events up? I'm sorry, but under the Law of Nations Book 1, 192 and 196 38 Stat 265 (12 USC 411) WE THE PEOPLE demand lawful money for all transactions. At this point this falls under 40 Stat 415 Trading With the Enemy Act,/(12 USC 95a(2)) for acquittance and discharge for recompense to the people of this nation, for these crimes against humanity. See also 32 Stat 1803 Hague Treaty Series 403, Articles 43 and 55 22 Stat 940 Treaty series 377 International Red Cross Convention 1864 Lieber Code general orders 100, Articles 32 and 38.. With everyone thing that has been going on this year, its would appear that it is in fact time for DISCLOSURE in that WE THE PEOPLE can obtain indemnification accept nothing less than Honor since Value in these currencies no longer exists. So @Disleague will be sharing the truth as to why we are in such economic turmoil. We are taking a knee in that you, the people awaken to what has been done to us all..

It does not take much to realize that something big is happening world wide. Watching economic news has certainly been entertaining of late. Stock market failures, the pumping up of a dead economy then burst it by raising rates. Border migrations, sealed inditement's hitting over 60,000 on PACER hinting at Pedophilia carnivore tribunals. Not to mention Rigged elections with arrests in Texas and Florida voter manipulations with more states being turned in. Well, that makes this round null and void.

Then there is mass restructuring of the CFPB, FBI, DOJ and some key judges across the board,hints of an "RV" under a new Quantum Financial System without true recompense to the people whom have been harmed. Almost seems like you want the people of this Nation riot, in that you can enact Marshal Law when we are already under rollover "National State's of Emergencies" (same thing) referenced in presidential Executive orders of years past. Of course all that would need to be done is to set off the National Alert system and there you go… Stock up on supplies kiddos, looks like we are in for a bumpy ride. Whatever you do, DO NOT RIOT, remain calm and keep safe. There are people whom are risking their lives to keep you and your family safe. 1000 inditement's are on par for any given year, 60,000 inditement's holding anywhere from 15-90 names upon each, will have military, and police stress levels going through the roof. DO NOT PROVOKE, DO NOT PLAY HERO, YES SIR, NO SIR. Self Defense ONLY.

So lets enlighten to the people about these Corporate America scams that have been ensuing that brought us here, shall we.. cause they sure as yit do not teach this in the History books..

There are two forms of Constitution called the Constitution of the United States of America the first, completed in 1789 is is trial, international treaty and trust indentures supporting the execution of a commercial services contract. The second document published in 1868 (which is almost verbatim as to create confusion between the two) is used as Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. The Articles of Incorporation are the Scottish Commercial Corporation created the British Territorial United States, doing business as the United States of America, Inc. The created confusion led to the Scottish Corporation accessing our credit and other assets and allowed them to run up debt against our Nations assets. The Scottish Commercial Corporation declared bankruptcy in 1907 and skated off with most of being transferred to Belgian, French and Swiss shell companies just prior to the bankruptcy itself. In this way, it shed the "debts" owed to our Nation and sheltered its ill begotten gains.

This Scottish debt, was ultimately the responsibility of British Monarch and the Government of West Minister both of which have and had exercised and enjoyed treaties of peace and possessions of delegated authority dependent on their trust obligations owed to the United States of America and the States of the Union Federation and the American People since the 1780's.

The schemers and their international collaborators - "the banks" - took title land holders of the American States and People as security for the debts of the bankrupt Scottish Corporation in 1907. What this means is that WE THE PEOPLE, our grandparents and parents worked hard to pay off this bogus debt until 1953 when the bankruptcy of the Scottish usurpers was settled. HOWEVER instead of actually returning the title of our lands to our Nation, the British Territorial United States Congress voted to roll our land titles into Federal State Trusts under their control and operated for their benefit.

Conveniently the ACTUAL unincorporated government, aka The United States of America and the American States and People were told none of this. In 1925 the Roman Catholic Church and the office of the Roman pontiff (pope), got into the act and did their own underhanded act by doing business on our shores. They set up a Delaware corporation doing business as the United States of America Inc. (essentially the same con game the Scottish Corporation played) The only difference is Definite Article.

This religious non-profit ran up bills against our remaining assets. (Remember our land had already been seized upon as security for the debts of the Scottish Corporation - including our work, our labor, our life force, our private business, homes, copyrights, and patens. (essentially everything you might consider to be your own property). They played hard and fast an bankrupted the United States of America Inc. in 1933 and they followed the same play script to leave us to pay their bills.

All of this criminality has been supported by politicians, by the banks and unfortunately by some military commanders working for United States. In 2014, Our Nation actually finished giving due notice and due process, issued our final judgement and civil orders related to these subjects. In 2015 we actually re-issued our Sovereign letters and patens and published them world wide. Same year Obama bankrupted our Municipal United States Corporation and thereby vacated the Municipal United States Government.

In 2017 , the territorial United States Government was also bankrupted and vacated. These organizations have maintained a claim of successorship by a process of assumption of contracts inherited by the Roman Catholic and Scottish Usurpers a process of pirates making claims based on the claims of other pirates going back to 1868. By vacating the last two remaining federal contracts and doing so at the same time we have been able to end any further assumption of contract and to acknowledge and accept back our formally delegated powers.

The United States of America unincorporated now stands as it has since September 9th, 1776 as the federation of Sovereign States representing the American States and people in international jurisdiction and is the ONLY actual government still standing. Any further exercise of our once delegated powers by any commercial corporation on earth without our written and express consent is in face UNLAWFUL, UNACCEPTABLE and DENIED.

Which means that ANY claims of our persons now or have ever been subject to the Queen in any relationships apart from those established by the original Constitution of the United States of America is NULL AND VOID!

This is by operation of law and is the result of the incapacity of the delegates in bankruptcy and also as a result of the corrupt and criminal basis of the formal claims to represent us and to "own" us as property in violation of international law, the Geneva Convention, firkin common decency, and GOOD FAITH!

What this means, is that EVERY, and we mean every land title deal, property theft, illegal foreclosure, essentially every illegal bank debt that ensued under illegal government, are destroyed at their root, made null and void ab initio. Buckle up Buttercups… Its' over, and @disleage is coming for all of you who partook at our expense. You will be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law…

Find out what the MERSCORP centralized banking members used the MERS nominee system for and why there are over 60,000 incitement's fixing to hit the fan… If the Government won't give us declass, then WE DEMAND IT!


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