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Jun 2018

Wtf INC?


If you are reading this right now, that means that either someone you know has been a victim of a foreclosure, your mad as hell because you know you were cheated, can prove you were cheated, and no one is listening to you!
Want to know more information about the #MASSINJOIN MOVEMENT so that you can finally be heard! What you are reading here is an expansion of our #MASSinJoin page and it will blow your mind!

A major victory is going on in right now in the California courts on a case which is exposing everything that has been hidden from you in the reasons why homeowners have been loosing in court. It has been long in the system fighting for over 10 years now, and on Wednesday June 20th, 2018 we had a breakthrough to which enables everyone to join in…..


On Wednesday June 20th, 2018 History was made by Mrs. Powers in one of the most profound submission made upon her WINNING case. What this effectively does for people around this nation, is expose the core root that attaches each and every MERS in Uniform with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac illegal foreclose across the board and enjoins them into this case by default. How? by exposing the MERS copyright trademark as the undisclosed BORROWER upon these contracts whom has been taking money from the PUBLIC TRUST FUND in order to pretend to lend you money. (We attached the MERS NATIONSBANK SECURITY AGREEMENT so you can see what is going on.

They called a S.W.A.T team out to evict this 58 year old woman and her teenage son, WITH GUNS DRAWN AGAINST THE HOME AND THE OCCUPANTS THEREIN. The party from is an interested party from, it is a civil joinder of criminal actions to which is being presented asserting congressional intent.

This case has the attention of the league because of the power packed behind it. So lets show her how much we appreciate everything she has done for us all.
POWER JOINDER) Click here for more information on her case

How can you show your support. by notifying the courts that you are an interested party. Then fill this out and send it in!

CV-30 - interested Party Form

Just like in every case you still have to send a Proof of Service to all of the Parties in Play (the Plaintiff and the Defendants)

Attorneys representing the Defendants_w_emails


Here is the MERS NATIONSBANK agreement showing MERS as the BORROWER not you!


This is also good to keep for your records

Scan_BNY Mellon Certs

While the league has been actively working in the background with cases up and down the coast of California we have been exposing corrupt judges and officials for receiving graft benefits to rule against you. There are several coming forward in their own notifications as well. In fact we have documentation on the head justice at Riverside county holding a vested interest in a real estate company with branch offices up and down the southern California coast, and others in the Northern part of California recording documents like this one…. Yes title companies are now recording as the Sellers of wrongful foreclosed properties as Wtf Inc. BTW that investment trust, was terminated on the SEC in 2006. In fact each and every pass-through of MERS followed the same pattern. They season the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit or REMIC for a year before swapping it our unto another investment conduit through what is called derivative trading of Government Copyright intellectual property. They created this system against your social security number as a means to borrow against what was placed aside for YOUR retirement, and they have been trading your social security on the black market by converting them into certificates to which were attached to the manipulated LIBOR index in order to control the payouts to the investors while skimming off the top. Once that year was seasons, they would emulate and encourage consumer defaults by instructing their servicer's to say things like "we cannot help you unless you are in default.". The really sick part to all of this….. is that they consider you as a living breathing person, as nothing more than Government intellectual property, and because congress signed off on very specific bills to enable this… they have been blackmailing and extorting money from our Government for years. Why else do you think we have a
national debt of over $21 Trillion to which increases and average of $100k a minute.


Here is what you can do…

Every voice is needed right now more than ever… all it costs is your time to to organize and outline, if you do not know exactly what to say, you are welcome to use some of our leagues verbiage below, because what we are effectively doing in this protest is demanding a copy of what was really traded. We already know what you think you borrowed, was traded for trillions of dollars that have been filtered off shore naming you as the unaware investor under with the IRS. Oh and by the way, the reason we cite Federal Civil Rules, Rule 81(f) (omitted from public view) on the bid protest form, is because that is the citation that reveals the courts, their reps, their employees etc etc as officers of the Internal Revenue Service. Yup, the courts themselves are aiding and abetting in grand larceny and the sad thing is, is most of the younger judges under the orders from the ones running these side RICO tax evasion scams on behalf of MERS, have no idea this is what they are engaged in.

1. Fill out your name on the pre-form, have your affidavit of crimes against you/declaration notarized and attached to the form 
2. Fill out an Envelope for Return of copies stamped
3. Send the original and two copies, original for filing and 2 copies for return
4. Make sure you have it returned with signature required for you
5. Overnight the package to the court clerk for filing


ATTN: Court Clerk for filing

411 W 4th St, Santa Ana, California 92701

Let this publication serve as notice from Dis-League's intent to sue the Corporate United States of America-


The PEOPLE move for a Grantor Recovery Rehabilitation and Restitution ACT - made BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE in support of our beloved NATION.

For those whom read this and still do not understand, it means you as a living breathing human being are being traded upon the Securities and Exchange Commission as a living breathing Government copyright commercial chattel. By addressing the actual UCC codes and underlaying reason to which this system was implemented, it forces the judge to act on your behalf, and not the federalized banking industry at large behalf. Because if they do not, they are held as accessories to the same crimes being committed by the the purp-e-traitors of these dirty deeds "for"-"closure"!

Want to know what we are doing about it? Read on…



Welcome to the new BONDage


Those whom have been following this blog, or are just in the awakening process and landed here because they know something is seriously wrong with this world. You may wish to start at the beginning because even to this author, coming to terms with the fact that we are being used in human intellectual BONDage trading as government commercialized chattel took quite some time to believe or accept.

What we are showing you was what was used in vice-admiralty courts in the colonies in the American Revolution to which has been around for centuries to infiltrated and convert nations into dictatorships. Only an intellect who studies religion, history, and law devoutly can truly see the system for what it is. We know that individuals are incredibly gifted, and we also know that every day we as a nation have been slowly watching our freedoms slip further and further away from us. It is because of this, that we post this today. If you take nothing else from these words, remember this. The Proud Members of WE THE PEOPLE are collective - collective in uniform beats collaborative no matter what time line you are living in. We are just lifting the veil so that you can see repeated history at its finest to prey on the good faith of us all.

First and foremost Statues are bonds… Courtroom charges are civil, not criminal and all courts are under an ongoing state of emergency to where they have been turned into probate courts, to where judges are now administrators of Royalties under a trademark system used by the federalized banking industry. IRS agents are neither trained nor paid by the United States government. Pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 92, the IRS is trained under the direction of the Division of Human Resources United Nations (U.N.) and the Commissioner (International), by the office of Personnel Management.

Everything involves bonds. When you are arrested there are two different sets of bond. A bid bond is filled out when you are arrested. US District court uses forms used SF 273, 274, and 275. There is another set of bonds. Both sets are put out by the GSA. SF form 24 is the bid bond. The performance bond is SF form 25. The payment bond is SF form 25 A. These are all put out by the GSA, under the Comptroller of the Currency under the GAO (general accounting office).

SF 273, 274, and 275. are
the bonds for federal level courts to use. What are they doing with these bonds? In the court room you are being sued for debt collection. It is an action in assumpsit. The word, presume, comes from assumpsit. “I agree, or I undertook to do...” Assumpsit means collection of debt.

All these bonds have a penal sum attached to it. If you go into default judgement, you end up in prison wondering what is going on. If you argue jurisdiction, or refuse to answer questions that the court addresses to you, you’ll be in contempt of court and in jail. This goes back to Edward I and Clerk’s Praxis. This is all civil and not criminal. It’s a smoke screen to cover up what they are doing.

They brought someone to court under an arrest bond. There was a civil suit. Clerk’s Praxis is Latin for practice. Praxis means practice. You are held until the suit is complete, they get a default judgment for failure to pay a debt and then you are put in prison. Attorneys are there as a smoke screen to cover up what is really done. They lead you into default judgment by argument (dishonor), you go to prison and then the default judgment is sold.

US District Court buys all the state court judgments. Type US Court in any search engine. After you get to US Courts there are 11 circuit courts of the US listed. Click on circuit 7 and that takes you into all the list of courts. To find Ohio/Illinois find circuit 7 is northern Illinois district courts, bankruptcy courts, etc and then you’ll find a box that says clerks office. Scroll down and you’ll see administrative offices and under that you’ll see financial departments. It talks about the criminal justice acts, optional bids, it’s all spelled out.

Go to List of sureties. Why would they have a list of sureties in a federal district court? When you click on this it takes you to www.FMS.Treas.Gov. This is department of treasury. Then you will see on the left hand side of the screen, admitted and reinsured. Under that is list of sureties. Under that is ‘forms.’ If you click on admitted, reinsureds, there are over 300 insurance companies. There’s a complete list. There’s also a list of Surety Companies. These are more insurance companies. Under Circular 750 the dept of treasury these insurance company have to be certified before they can purchase the bonds. They can’t put up bonds unless they are certified by the secretary of the treasury.

you go to “forms.” Click here it goes to the Miller Backed Reinsurance; it’ll list three different type of bonds. You don’t use a bid bond in district court. These bonds come out of the GSA. The 273, 274 and 275 bond forms are as follows: 273 is the reinsurance agreement with the US; 274 is the Miller Act Reinsurance Performance Bond; 275 is your payment bond–the Miller Act Reinsurance Payment Bond.

What are they doing with these bonds? They have regulations governing these bonds.......2,000 pages governing these bonds. Gene will sell these for $50. If you go into these regulations they tell you they’re buying up commercial items (actual words) 2.01 of these regulations. These regulations are divided into 50 parts. There are 1126 pages Volume1; 823 pages in volume 2. Commercial items are non-personal property. Property that is not real estate, moveable property. Real estate is not moveable. These terms are defined in UCC.

Commercial items are commercial paper. This is the 8 th edition of Black’s Law which just came out. “Commercial items: it’s commercial paper; negotiable instruments; anything you put your signature on is a negotiable instrument – lex mercantoria.(?) This is used in the courtroom because everyone of us is a merchant of law. Because I use commercial paper on a day-to-day schedule I am considered an expert. This is why they don’t tell us what’s going on in the court room. Every time we put our signature on a paper, we’re creating negotiable and non negotiable instruments and that makes us experts. When I endorse it under 3-419 I’m an accommodation party or an accommodation maker. Anyone who loans his signature to another party is an accommodation party. This is in 3-419 of the UCC.

Your loans are your signature to them, they can rewrite your signature on any document they want to. The federal courts buy up the state courts default judgments. These are civil and just being called criminal to cover up what they are doing. If you don’t pay the debt you go to prison.

CUSIP is an identification system. DTC Depository Trust Corporation, and has several other monikers. Depository Trust Clearing Corporation. 1 trillion dollars a day goes through the DTC. Govt Clearing Securities Clearing Corporation is another day. CUSIP (committee on uniform identification processes) is a trademark of Standard and Poors and is on bottom floor of the building at Water Street in Washington DC. CUSIP cins (cusip international numbering system) is an international numbering system. Domestic securities have 6 digit numbers; international number (isid -- international securities identification division--plus) are a global networking system. Paine Webber, with 10,000 corporations in it, is the major stockholder of CCA, Corrections Corporation of America in Nashville, TN.

They have privatized the system. Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, HUD, are all international. Everyone is feeding off the prison system internationally. All major corporations are feeding off the prison system including REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), PZN–Prison Trust. All real estate companies are holding bonds and the bonds are not redeemed and they haven’t closed my account. Lehman Bros just gave $6 billion. New York City had a $3 billion deficit. Lehman Brothers gave NYC the money to build credit facility (not prison system). Lehman Brothers is underwriting the prison system. They buy up the bid bonds, the court judgments.

There are international treaties that are reinsurance treaties. Insurance Companies come in and act as sureties for the bid bonds. The performance, bid, and payment bonds are all surety bonds. All bid bonds must have a surety. The surety is guaranteeing the reinsuring of the bid bond by issuing the performance bond. They get an underwriter (investment broker or banker) to underwrite the performance bond which reinsures the bid bond. The underwriter takes the payment, performance and bid bonds and pools them into ‘mortgage backed securities’ which are called bonds and sold to TBA, The Bond Market Association, an actual corporation. After the payment bond is issued to reinsure or underwrite the performance bond, which reinsures the bid bond, the banks convert the bonds to investment securities. The banks and brokerage houses are selling these as investment securities. The prisoners are funding the whole enchilada. Because you got into default judgment when you went into the court room.

There are regulations governing these that are all in 48CFR, title 48 code of federal regulations which deals with commercial items, which are negotiable instruments, which are court judgments--the performance, payment and bid bonds. . Any time you deal in bonds you are dealing with risk management. A reinsurer and reinsurance means you are dealing in risk management. The reinsurer is assuming part of the risk of the bid bond; they give him a portion of the original premium. The original insurer gets part of the premium of the policy of the bid bond for acting as surety for the bid bond. The underwriter guarantees the resale of the bonds back to the public as investment securities.

To win in court you have to redeem the bond. So ask asked for your bid bond and start asking for post settlement closure of the account. This process is hypothecation. You have to know how to hypothecate the bond. Banks make derivatives out of your promissory notes and sell them (mortgages, credit cards etc). These prison bonds are being monetized. They make an investment security out of it. They make a fortune off the prisoners. These bonds go international into sinds and then into ANNA (annual numerical numbering association) in Brussels, Belgium with unlimited capital. This is where euro, yin, sterling, everything is under the prison system. All countries are feeding off it.

This is what was behind 911. State legislatures pass bond statutes so they can arrest people for paper terrorism. American Legislative Exchange Committee is behind all this. Paul Warrick owns this think tank. ALEC promotes
privatization of the prison system. They go to the National Congress of Commissioners which are 72 judges and lawyers who ‘grew up’ under the UCC under lex mercantoria. “The principles of the law merchant are the rules of the decisions of all the courts.” Everything is commercial. All crimes are commercial. All crimes....kidnaping, robbery, extortion, murder. You don’t close the account, you go to prison. The bond gets sold domestically and internationally.

The bonds are sold on the NYSE. CCA (Corrections Corp of America) sells their stock and shares on the NYSE. John D. Russell owns 64 million shares of CCA. John Ferguson, VP, owns 5 million shares. They are on the CCA board of directors. The Dillon Corrections Corp is owned by David Dillon and merged with Trinity Ventures Investment who then became SB Warburg. That’s part of the Warburg family, located in Chicago, Illinois. They are hooked up with the BIF bank, the bank of international settlements in Switzerland, one of the largest banks in the world. This is why people do not win in court. The courts are just dog and pony shows.

Don’t use a bond. Use a bid bond. It has the word principle….You are the principal, the strawman is the surety. Put the strawman as the surety and yourself as the principal. Then fill out a performance bond which is a reinsurance bond for the bid bond. On the reinsurance bond put yourself down as the guarantor or the reinsurer. The performance bond is 274. The payment bond underwrites the performance. You can underwrite the bid bond with the performance bond. That’s the reinsurer. The courts do this for you, because you don’t know this stuff, but they do and then they can make the money off you.

If you have a case pending, go into whatever district you are in. Find the court, type in the case number and it’ll will tell you who has your bond. Banks are all tied into this. Every time you sign a check, it’s a promissory note, the bank makes a derivative out of it. The bank endorses it on the back, without recourse, and monetizes it by selling it as a derivative. They sell it internationally. Your $100 check is used by 20 or 30 corporations internationally. This is why we are not getting back our canceled checks. The reason is they are sold as promissory notes. The banks make derivatives out of them and sell them internationally. Therefore, you are loaning money to the bank. The bank re-loans it to other people. The CUSIP # is a 9 digit number, Internationally its up into 12 digits representing trillions of dollars.

Rule 13 says that when a claim arises from the same transaction or occurrence it is mandatory that you file a counter claim. What is your counter claim? Post settlement and closure of the account under public policy. You’re entitled to a discharge of the debt because you are the principle and the holder in due course of the original account; you own both sides of the account. You own the common stock and the preferred stock and you are the principal on the account which means you are the creditor. Everyone is acting like a debtor instead of a creditor. A creditor pays his debts.

You have to do the proper filing to establish your position. (UCC I–you have to be the secured party). You are the principal upon which all money circulates. This is the accrual method of accounting. Accruals are capital and interest from the principal.

Any time you monetize debt you have a principal. You have to identify yourself as the principal. What they have to do is return all the capital and interest to you as the principal. This is the accrual method of accounting. When you go to court and argue jurisdiction what you are saying is you aren’t going to pay the debt. The strawman (all caps name) is the name they have a claim against because your mother signed the birth certificate with the state creating the strawman contract. They used your name in all capital letters. That makes you the fiduciary trustee of the account which means you pay all of your debts to honor the court. People in the redemption process are going into the court and arguing and getting into default judgment. If you don’t give your name or argue jurisdiction you’re causing problems. What you can do is give a conditional acceptance.

If they don’t charge you, they don’t have a claim against the strawman. But don’t start arguing with the court about it. Do a conditional acceptance. “I’ll be happy to give me my name, if you’ll give me the charging paper.” Rebut the presumption that they have charges against you. They work on presumption and they don’t have to have anything. You have to rebut the presumption.

Use a negative averment. The court is drafting you for performance. If you don’t perform you get into dishonor by non-acceptance. They make a formal presentment under 3-501 of the UCC in order to charge and they use the word charge. They use the same commercial term on your indictments, complaints, your information. They use the word charge. The following charges...........two counts of RICO, etc. Gene Keating and Roger Elvick both had the same charges. Roger has been in jail 9 months, Roger hasn’t been to trial yet. Gene is out of jail. Roger is arguing jurisdiction. He’s arguing whether they are an article III court.

The have a business credit report on you. If the judge says he’s going to do a psychiatric exam on you, you’re arguing. You have to be a gentleman and not get belligerent. Be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. If you act like a belligerent they’re going to beat you up. You’re the fiduciary trustee and the principal and owner of the account

Tell them what to do. You want full settlement and closure of the account. You have to do this from the get-go. “I accept your charges for value and consideration (you must use value and consideration) in return for post-settlement and closure of account xxxxxxxxx (social security number with no dashes–the cusip is the SS # without the dashes) cusip and autotris (automated tracking identification system) number. Cusip is uniform security identification processes. Cusip uses you SS# to identify you because the birth certificate is an investment security. All these are registered at state level with department of human resources, then to department of commerce at federal level, and the to the DTC (Depository Trust Corporation on Water Street. CUSIP is a trademark of Standard and Poor. It is located under the DTC building at 55 Water Street in New York City. The 9 digit cusip is also used for isid (international numbering system).

“I accept the charges for value and consideration. In return please use my exemption and principal for post-settlement and closure of case number #___________ and cusip and autotris account #555555555 as this account is prepaid and exempt from levy.” Then date it and place your signature it below the previous statement. (The case # references back to your SS#. That’s why they always get your SS#). Endorse as the strawman by ‘authorized by’ or agent with your signature. Write “good as aval” after the signature. I’m the fiduciary trustee who is assuming responsibility for the strawman as the authorized representative. When you put the word by, and then authorized representative it means someone other than the strawman signed. Other way to do it is the real Christian appellation and you don’t have to put ‘by.’ (John Peter; Public) Under 3-402 1a of UCC, “if a person acting as a representative or purporting to act as a representative signs an instrument the name of the signor the representative person is bound by the signature in the same extent a representative person would be bound by the signature on a simple contract.” That is, you’re not incurring any liability on the signature. That’s why you want to sign the strawman name and then by John Peter Public, authorized representative.

they do is they put the autotris # in a manual in a module; every federal and state agency has my tracking number. They have it in the criminal task force. Passports, metro police, city, county, sheriff, FEMA, homeland security all use this #. Autotris was made in a forensics laboratory in Russia. It is owned by AD&M.

What they do is they put the autotris # in a manual in a module; every federal and state agency has your tracking number. They have it in the criminal task force. Passports, metro police, city, county, sheriff, FEMA, homeland security all use this #. Autotris was made in a forensics laboratory in Russia. It is owned by AD&M.

Judges and attorneys do not understand commercial law. They don’t teach it in law school. No one uses it in a court room. Nobody knows this stuff and that’s why Gene is teaching it. Because we are using commercial paper, the law assumes we understand what we are doing. You are responsible for your actions. If you use commercial paper on a daily basis, that makes you an expert by legal definition. They presume you know all this stuff when you go into a courtroom. The judges don’t even know this stuff.

If you don’t show up in court with an attorney, they grill you about competency and mental capacity. Here’s what you are dealing with. You are arguing with these people. You don’t want to argue in a commercial setting. What you want to do and the reason you have to have an attorney in a court room is that they are working on the public side and you are working on the private side. Everyone on the public side is insolvent or bankrupt. You are dealing in (Black’s Law) a fiction of law: You are referred to legal fiction. Why do they call it legal fiction? Definition: (this is the reason why you can’t argue venue and jurisdiction in a commercial setting) assumption that something is true even though it may be untrue. (In some aspects of admiralty you can argue venue and jurisdiction.) Made especially in judicial reasoning to alter how a legal rule operates, specifically a device by which a legal rule or institution is divergent from its original purpose to accomplish indirectly some other object. The constructive trust is an example of a legal fiction. Also termed a fiction of law........fictio juris. They will not allow you to defeat this fiction of law. This came out of Erie vs. Thompkins and courts at all levels are using fictions of law because everything is colorable and has the appearance of being rule, but it’s not real.

Confession and avoidance is a common law remedy. You avoid the consequences of the action by the plaintiff and you avoid by defenses. This has been changed to rule 8 concerning defenses federal rules of civil procedure. Letter of affirmative defense, the law of discharge, the law merchant, the law of principle and equity, the law of satisfaction, the law of bankruptcy. Are they bankrupt? Sure they are. You don’t want to rebut the presumption. You want to settle the account as the principle. When they monetize a debt they always have a principle on which they borrow all this money. Trafficant said we were going through the biggest bankruptcy and reorganization in the history of the US. He’s in jail because he dishonored the court. All these judges know there’s know money. Under common law only gold and silver is money. Title 12 section 211 and 212--The lawful money of the US is construed as gold and silver coin. Any federal reserve note is redeemable at any federal reserve bank or treasury office for lawful money. Title 31 section 5118 2d. HJR192.

have to give you an out, a remedy. Affirmative defenses under rule 8 is my remedy for every commercial liability. These are prepaid accounts. The industrial society borrows money to manufacture product, like General Motors. They are on the public side of the accounting ledger. On one side of the ledger everything is private.

principle is on one side, the debtor strawman is on the public side. That’s in the bankruptcy. You are the principle and the owner. You’re the stockholder, you’re the bank. This is not opinion, this is what is going on. You owns your own bank and you drew up your own charter. You are the lienholder in this system. You own preferred stock and the common stock. The strawman is the beneficiary. Your exemption is in a bridge between the private side and the public side. That’s why you have the exemption.

Credits are liabilities and debits are assets. They can’t pass from the credit to the debit side, because we are constantly in dishonor. Debits are private and credits are public. They’re borrowing all this money using our credit. You am responsible for the strawman. The strawman name is on the complaint in court and the strawman is liable and has to pay. If the strawman doesn’t pay, I pay for him because I didn’t assume the responsibility as the fiduciary trustee and they sell the account. They don’t need a real complaint or a real warrant. It’s all colorable.

They will not allow you to overcome them. You start arguing with them, not giving your name, they will drive you into submission and into contempt. You don’t want to do this. They will kill you and collect the insurance money be cause you are insured by the FDIC and the FDIA under title 12 with a $10 million dollar policy. Each and every one of you are worth more dead than alive. They’ll kill you without batting an eyelash. This is why they have been trying so hard to kill this author. Except now this author has written explicit instruction how they can collect billions beyond my bond by keeping this industry expert and her team alive. If they make these derivatives and fractionalize as suggested it now makes trillions of dollars off me for simply being alive.

Judges and lawyers in Texas hired someone to shoot migrant workers and then they collected the insurance money on them. This is serious business. What does a creditor do? Pays his debts? You literally are the only one with any money. The banks don’t have money, everyone on the public side is bankrupt. Everyone who goes into court and argues with the judge over how they spell their name (all caps, etc). When you have ‘committed’ a felony they will appoint counsel.

What you do is a letter Rogatory, a letter of advice. What goes in this letter Rogatory? You instruct the attorney that you are doing an acceptance for honor and you want an accounting of the total amount of the bill for full settlement and closure of the account and you give the case #, the cusip # and the autotris #. The letter Rogatory is in Clerk’s Praxis. What you say in the letter, you put your name in and “I ___________appoint ________(attorney’s name) as my fiduciary trustee, case #, autotris and cusip # , use my exemption for post settlement and closure of this case and account.” Date this and endorse it.

Oh BTW - you are only insured for so much, so if you are involved in such crimes such as tax evasion, forgeries, murder, attempted murder in the illegal disposition of government property, sorry, your bond cannot be settled out unless you can prove you can pay off your bond with monies to which were not generated against the very IMF you stole from. Sucks for you. so best you invest in lube as you will be the next eye candy 'itch sans b.

You want to really have fun.. issue an international bill of exchange for those abusive APA (parole officer) and the will stop billing you. So go after the bid bond, the performance bond and the payment bond

have insurance on the strawman and when you go in as an insurgent or belligerent,......... There is the war powers act and trading with the enemy act and you are subject to seizure wherever they find you.

If you don’t allow them settlement and closure they will kill you without batting an eyelash. Don’t fire the attorney. Tell the judge that you are appointing the attorney as fiduciary trustee. When you go into court you have to be a gentleman, and don’t get vulgar. If you do things right you will not be held in contempt of court.

So if they arrest you, what you want to do is go after the bid bond. There are two sets of bonds, the GSA 25, SF (standard form) . There are two sets of forms 24–bid bond, 25–performance bond, 25a is the payment bond. Municipal convention supercedes Article 3 of the UCC.